Fashion Division Paris Fashion Show RTW Spring/Summer 2019

Dakada by Amelia Novarienne | Photography Arnab Kar

Dakada by Amelia Novarienne | Photography Arnab Kar

PARIS, France — Circa 1973 Paris was the home of the fashion week. Fast forward to 2018 the global sensation continues with cities like Mumbai and Moscow following suit. This year when Fashion Division’s Founder & Program Director, Wulan S. Haryono invited me to come as a photographer for their Paris Fashion Show – RTW Spring/Summer 2019 Collection, I accepted before you can say, Bon Voyage! 

Wulan S. Haryono’s passion has led to Fashion Division, a platform she created to give exposure to young and upcoming designers from Indonesia, her native country. Her exposure from living and studying fashion around the world inspired her to give the same exposure to talented designers from Indonesia. The lucky selectees received exposure at this year’s show. They were selected using multiple factors such as the uniqueness of their designs, the brand’s uniqueness and the quality of the garments.

The Fashion Division show was hosted at the glamorous Haussmannia mansion, Hôtel Le Marois. The list of the designers included: Dakada by Amelia Novarienne Barus ig:@Dakadaofficial, Danielle by Daniella Grace Krestianto ig:@ola.danielle, Grasheli Andhini ig:@grasheliandhini, EDR by Edrick Young ig:@edr.designs, Trudy by Aurelia Joyann Trudy ig:@Trudy.official and Tities Sapoetra ig:@Titiessapoetra_official.

To accompany the photographs that I took covering Fashion Week, I asked the designers what makes their creative fashion minds tick and documented their responses.

Amelia Novarienne Barus

Just do what you love and be passionate about it.

Amelia Novarienne Barus had the advantage of growing up in both “west” and “east” regions of the globe affording her a unique perspective on fashion. She also told me she draws inspiration from Cristobal Balenciaga; founder of the Balenciaga fashion house. She mentioned that in regards to this season: her collection was about the life of a woman that has two faces to reality, where she has to follow the norms of the society and at the same time follows her personality that is wild and free. These were interpreted by the two colour palettes that are neutral (norms) and bold (her personality). Special details such as raw hems (free) and strings (attached feeling) are used in the collection. She also stressed that her brand is totally focused on sustainability, “the zero waste technique”. Finally when asked to give some heartfelt advice to the next generation of designers: “Just do what you love and be passionate about it – passion will work things out.”

Daniella Grace Krestianto

Dream Bigger, start doing it from now!

Designer Daniella Grace Krestianto was inspired by her family and especially her mother’s love for custom dresses. She also draws inspiration from her sister who is gifted in art in spite of having Down’s Syndrome. Regarding this season, her collection was inspired by the 17th Century French Literature “Precieuse”. Her collection was geared towards classy women with feminine elegance and beauty. She also took a fun twist on global sustainability in the rattan bag, one of Indonesia’s traditional treasures. Finally her advice to aspiring designers is to “Dream Bigger, start doing it from now. Any designs can be different, but originality comes first.”

Grasheli Andhini

Stay true to who you are and keep pursuing your dream…

Designer Grasheli Andhini was inspired by fashion shows she watched on TV as a child. After training professionally, by the age of 20, she was working as a designer for companies showcasing her collection at Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. Andhini graduated from Birmingham City University UK with a Masters degree in Design Management in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Her collection this season was inspired by women and femininity. Grasheli wanted to emphasise that women come in all shapes and sizes and classic elements like comfort and elegance need not suffer regardless. Finally, her advice to aspiring designers, “Stay true to who you are and keep pursuing your dream despite what the world offers you.”

Edrick Young

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Edrick Young counts the flamboyant and eccentric yet glamorous iconic style of Lady Gaga, Alexander McQueen and Stephane Rolland, as well as gothic architecture among his muses. His collection this year was inspired by the chic and sheer simplicity of the buildings in Santorini with blue doors and windows and roofs on white walls with bougainvillea flowers.

His advice to budding designers, “Stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is different and that’s what makes people unique. So focus on being who you are as a person, find your own taste, and you will eventually align with the universe.”

Aurelia Joyann Trudy

Be creative … Because every time you work on something you’re one step closer to success.

Aurelia Joyann Trudy aspired to enter the fashion world at just ten years old.  Her own mother’s glamorous style got her thinking about the future at a young age.  Now she tends to draw her inspiration from everything around her and feels inspiration is endless. Her collection this season in Paris was called “Midnight Seduction” and was inspired by “femme fatale”.  The mood and the story of this mysterious woman translated into her garments. She used a combination of traces of leather to give that confident and seductive look combined with lace, satin and other soft fabrics that bring out class and sophistication. She is also inspired to go towards globally sustainable designs for her future collection.

Her advice to aspiring designers, “Be creative and don’t give up! Because every time you work on something you’re one step closer to success. And always learn, no matter how old and wise you are there are things you don’t know, think yourself as a child and learn and get better, criticism and judgements should inspire you and make you better.”

Tities Sapoetra

Don’t give up, because your confidence affects what you design.

Tities Sapoetra is following in the “family business” by becoming a fashion designer like his mother. Clearly artistic creativity runs in his veins as along the way he has been an actor. He credits the beauty of Asia as a major inspiration factor in his work as a designer. Tities’s collection called “Beauty Voyage” was inspired by the beauty of the Indonesian women. His advice to the aspiring young designer to be, “Don’t give up, because your confidence affects what you design.”

Between Parisian cafes and shows, my trip was a whirlwind of beautiful designs in such an inspirational city. That is what fashion should be in this ever-shrinking world we live in – to bring art and design from across the world and blend it on a global platform and, also perhaps, move towards more globally sustainable designs to have a minimum negative impact on our world. The show finally ended with a hors d’oeuvre with French wine and French desserts and made it the perfect evening at Paris Fashion Week.

Photography by: Arnab Kar.

Arnab Kar About the author

An MBA senior software consultant with a passion for photography loves fashion, Fine Art and landscape photography. Drawn towards painting, sketching and music, he works with world-class models and clients.


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