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This month’s theme I hold very much to heart as it has not only been the focus of previous studies I conducted during my academic years, but it is also one of those topics that is gaining momentum across industries and sectors. While the 2014 World Water Week takes place in Stockholm, we acknowledge the greater interdependence of resources, call for solutions for effective management of these resources and use our platform to highlight best practices in sustainable development as well as innovative techniques being used by an ever growing community of sustainable brands across the world. The future of our resources is in our hands so let’s make sustainability the core driver of our businesses and life practices. Enjoy this ‘green’ reading.


In this month’s issue…

Alice Ko: The Art of the Cheongsam

Turning Battle Scars in Beautiful Jewellery

The adage that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” could be a cornerstone of the sustainable fashion movement. And these artisans transform recycled materials into beautiful jewellery just as the adage!

MBFW-Swim 2015, Designers & Models

During the MBFW-Swim 2015, Miami, we catch up with Liliana Villalobos from Aguaclara Swim and get to talk to two beautiful models Lacey Nelson and Thais Monteiro, who share their work life and aspirations with us.

Oriental Inspiration
Ramen Noodles!

Around the World in Green Ways: Spain

One can have an environmentally friendly routine in a familiar space, but staying ‘green’ when on a trip can be tricky. Don’t miss this ‘green’ guideline when picking a vacation destination.

Douglas McMaster: UK’s First Waste-Free Restaurant

We bring an exclusive interview with Head Chef and Founder of the UK’s first waste-free restaurant, Silo, in Brighton. Lean how and why Head Chef Douglas McMaster wants to put an end to choice, in a positive way.

Wearso’s Organic World
Reinventing  San Francisco's Traditional Chinese Culinary Experience

My Encounter with the Eco-Friendly

The eco-friendly industry has grown considerably over the past few years. We take a look at a few stylish brands that through their sustainable practices are benefiting their communities and the consumers’ health.

Beware of Distortions

We are honoured to welcome Erika Lemay! Her first piece for the FG recalls some of her most vulnerable moments while on stage and shows us how we tend to overdramatise what did not even happen!

Asian Digital Art!
A Night in Macbeth's Castle

For Restaurants Eco-friendly means Sensible

Is it possible to have an eco-friendly restaurant that supports sustainability? Yes, it is! We take a closer look at these ‘green’ restaurants through The Sustainable Restaurant Association and the Green Restaurant Association.

Camelia Roatis, Everlasting by Antoanelle

Our tireless search for emerging designers brings us to Camelia Roatis who has recently launched a new clothing line – Antoanelle. We discover her first collection Everlasting focusing on timeless simplicity. Don’t miss it!

Yuki Tsumugi: Sophistication of Beauty
The Orient Fashion American Effect

Green is the New Black!

“The future of fashion is here. Not in Milan, London, or Paris. It is here, in Copenhagen,” assures a fashion journalist while we attended the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Let’s discover why it is the greenest fashion show.

A Glimpse into the Mind of Andres Amador

We bring you an exclusive interview with artist Andres Amador. He takes us into a journey of creativity connecting barefoot to the earth, breathing deeply and creating masterpieces on the shores of a beach.

Abahna: Tales from the Far East for Bathtime
Descience : The Process - in the making!

A Greener Twitterati

Who is now following you on Twitter? We take a look at our most recent followers who happen to belong to the eco-fashion industry and have indirectly introduced us to great new brands and projects.

Bay Area Eco-Designer Making a Difference

We are thrilled to spotlight a Bay Area based eco-fashion designer, Myrrhia Resneck of Myrrhia; and her swoon-worthy autumn 2014 knitwear and accessories collection, for both women and men.

Bay Area Eco-Designer Making a Difference

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