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Flawless DIY Eyelash Extensions: Tips and Tricks

If you’ve always dreamed of fluttering, lush lashes that even the most glamorous celebrities would be envious of, then you’ve come to the right place! DIY eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular, but if you’re like most people, applying them yourself can be daunting.

Don’t worry -in this blog post, you’ll learn the tips and tricks on how to apply long-lasting eyelash extensions to achieve a flawless look every time. Get ready to catch everyone’s eye with your effortless beauty!

6 Steps to perfect DIY lash extensions:

1- Clean up your natural lashes

When it comes to achieving the perfect eyelash extension results, you can’t start without a clean pair of natural lashes. To make sure your lash extensions are ready for long wear, you first need to clean your natural lashes thoroughly. To do this, use an oil-free make-up remover and cotton pads to rid them of any make-up residue. Wipe the lashes with gentle movements and remove any remaining residue. This will ensure that your base is squeaky clean and the perfect foundation for your gorgeous eyelash extensions.

2- Choose the best eyelash extensions

Most beauty enthusiasts always seem to forget that getting the perfect look is not always about how well you apply them, but what type of extensions you choose. When it comes to choosing the perfect eyelash extensions, you want to make sure to choose ones that really make your eyes stand out.

You can get your favorite at-home eyelash extensions from Lilac St. Depending on the look you are going for, there’s a wide range of colors, lengths, and types of extensions that could be the perfect choice for you. From subtle everyday looks to glitzy glamor, you’ll find faux or human hair lashes that closely resemble the natural model or offer something extra special that onlookers simply can not look away from.

So when you’re thinking about your desired eyelash extensions, take some time to envision your ideal look and find the eyelash extensions that will bring it to life!

DIY eyelash extensions

3- Prepare your natural lashes

Applying an eyelash primer is the third step on the path to the perfect DIY extension. This process may seem unnecessary, but it’s the most important part of a permanent lash extension that looks and feels natural.

An eyelash primer helps to nourish and strengthen your natural lashes, creating a solid base for your lash extensions (when you apply them) to last for days. In addition, this step prevents possible damage that could result from the direct use of glue without prior preparation.

If you want to have salon-style lashes at home, you should invest in an eyelash primer. It’s like laying the foundation for a beautiful house – it’s the most important basis for an inevitably gorgeous result!

4- Applying glue to eyelash extensions

Applying the glue to your eyelash extensions is arguably the most important step in getting perfect DIY eyelash extensions. A good rule of thumb is to apply a thin, even layer of glue; too much glue risks clumping the lashes! Make sure you use a glue that is specifically designed for applying false eyelashes. Carefully dip the individual lashes into the glue and leave them for about 30 seconds before sticking them to your lid – this will give them a better hold. You can also use an eyelash applicator to speed up and simplify the process.

5- Apply the lashes securely

Once the glue has set, you can apply the lashes. Take an extension and hold it against your natural lash – line it up properly. Starting at the lower lid edge, press the extension firmly with tweezers or an eyelash applicator for about 10 seconds. This will ensure a secure connection between the false and real lashes.Repeat this process on your other eyelashes.

6- Finish with mascara

Once you’ve applied all the extensions, finish your look with a few light coats of mascara. Don’t apply too thickly or you risk the extensions clumping together. Instead, lightly brush them on with mascara so they blend seamlessly with your natural lashes! And that’s it – now you have long-lasting lash extensions!

Don’t forget some TLC

To keep your lash extensions looking perfect, it’s important to give them some love and care.

Here are some tips:

  • Brush and comb your lashes daily – this will keep them in shape and rid them of dirt and debris.
  • Be careful when washing your face – avoid harsh make-up removers and use a gentle cleanser that is suitable for eyelash extensions.
  • Don’t use oil-based products near your eyes as they may weaken the adhesive bond.
  • Avoid rubbing or pulling on your lashes as this can damage them.
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