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A Complete Guide To Buying Men’s Business Bags

A business bag is an essential accessory for any businessman as it can help them carry important documents and other belongings. It can also help complete their corporate look, adding a stylish flair while still being functional. However, most men might not know what to look for.

Whether you’re buying a business bag for yourself or for a loved one, you of course want a bag that fits your or your loved one’s needs and style. If you’re having difficulty starting to look for one, this article can serve as a guide for the things you should consider before buying a business bag. It can also help you decide on the type of bag you want to buy.

Shopping For Men’s Business Bag

While all purchases require enough thought before you go for them, some require deeper thought than others. One of those purchases is your business bag, as these bags can be a bit on the expensive side. You should be more careful about your choice because you want them to last even after constant use.

There are two most common styles you can choose for a business bag: a messenger bag or a briefcase. These two are the most formal styles so they can be used by those who usually wear corporate attire. These bags can carry one’s belongings without looking out of place in a more formal setting, unlike a backpack.

To help you choose the right style of bag for you or your loved one, know more about the difference between a briefcase and a messenger bag:

Business Briefcases

Briefcases can be a more formal option and perfect for your 9 to 5 job or any business meetings you have to go to! They often come with a handle and sometimes a detachable shoulder strap. However, it will usually only have one handle so you can’t wear it on your shoulder.

But if you’re much interested in the even distribution of weight on your shoulders, and you think you think satchels are ideal for you, has a range of satchel style briefcases for men made from real grain leather. So, you need not worry because either way, you’re sorted.

The good thing about briefcases is that they can be used anytime. They can be used by men on the go as there are special versions of briefcases specifically made for people who often travel. Besides business professionals, you can also see them at fancy events where their owners want to look smart and formal. Briefcases may not have as many pockets as other kinds of bags but this doesn’t mean they’re less functional.

While most briefcases come in leather, they can also be made in various materials like canvas, fabric, plastic, or metal. When choosing which material you want, determine which one suits you and your daily style. However, it might be best to go for a high-quality leather briefcase, as it can last for a long time.

A Complete Guide To Buying Men's Business Bags
Satchel Style Briefcase from Von Baer

Messenger Bags

This type of bag is typically used by men who have to travel frequently in their line of work. If you carry a lot of important documents with you all the time, you might consider using this bag.

A messenger has several pockets and compartments. You can securely store your laptop, iPad, phone along with your documents. Smaller items like pens, credit cards, or business cards can be put in the bag’s pockets, so you can bring them with you anywhere without worrying about losing them.

Messenger bags are also more lightweight than briefcases which makes it easier for the user to handle them. This is also one of the reasons why jet setters and business travelers might like them more. You can find these kinds of bags both online and in physical stores, but you might find that they’re more expensive than what you’d normally pay for other bags.

A Complete Guide To Buying Men's Business Bags
Essential full grain leather laptop bag – VON BAER

How To Choose Between A Briefcase And A Messenger Bag

Briefcases were called as such as they served more as lawyer bags than anything. This meant that it had to be a bag structured enough to accommodate ‘briefs’, hence the name. So, this bag can be considered a more formal bag than a messenger bag.

To maintain this formal look, you’ll find that most briefcases come in black, tan, or brown. You can only carry it by its handles, which can also make for a professional look.

So, when buying one, you should also consider how much material you’ll need to keep in the bag. This is because you can only carry your briefcase in one way throughout the day irrespective of the distance you have to travel. If you have to bring many items to work, holding a heavy briefcase to and from work might become uncomfortable.

Let’s now go to the messenger bag. This bag was originally made with the courier or messenger in mind. It has smaller handles as well as a shoulder strap. As such, one has more options on how to handle this bag, offering more comfort and flexibility. However, it’s also a little less formal and might not fit into some work environments.

So, how do you choose? When deciding between a briefcase and a messenger bag, it’s important to keep in mind that both offer different designs and advantages. So, choosing the most suitable one depends mostly on your needs.

Do you travel a lot and have to carry much more than just formal documents? If so, then the flexibility of a messenger bag might appeal to you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for that sharp professional look to compliment your strictly formal outfit, then a briefcase will be a better choice for you. A briefcase could also be a perfect choice if you want something that can simply carry your laptop and documents.

But, these bags obviously could serve different functions to the same person at different times. So, if you have the budget, it could be a good idea to get both bags then use them according to what you think your workday will need.

A Complete Guide To Buying Men's Business Bags

Features To Look For in A Good Business Bag For Men

You’re almost ready to buy, but what should you look for to make a decision? The following are some of the features that would make your work bag an awesome buy. While you may prioritize based on your personal needs, this will give you insights to help you make an informed decision:


Business bags can be made from different types of materials. You can buy bags made of canvas, denim, nylon, leather, and even plastic. For a durable business bag, you may have to consider top-quality leather. Leather is the strongest material there is for men’s business bags. There are many types and finishes of leather you can choose from. So, choose one that is durable and fits your style well.


Aside from aesthetics, quality is one factor you should focus on. Buying a bag with the highest quality will make sure you can use it for a long time. An inferior bag may rip or tear quite easily. This kind of damage can be quite expensive and time-consuming to fix.

Tips: Aside from high-quality material, check for sturdy stitching, solid zippers and buttons, and good buckles and clasps to ensure your business bag is as durable as possible.


If you’re that person who’s always carrying documents and other business items, then you’ll need a business bag that has enough space! It’s important to stick within the limits of what you need because if space isn’t an issue, then there’s no point buying something that takes up too much room. So, take the items you need to put inside the bag into consideration to determine the right size and type you should get.


You don’t have to spend a fortune on the perfect business bag. While it is good to be aware of what you’re willing and able to pay for a new bag, don’t let price alone dictate your decision. Sometimes, cheap can mean compromised quality.


Business bags are usually designed with portability in mind because most men travel for business meetings and mergers at some point. As such, they need a bag that can carry their things easily, securely, and in an organized manner. You need to consider how much you travel before choosing a business bag. If you travel frequently, get a bag that is easy to lug around and can carry all of your business and travel essentials. If not, you only have to consider a bag that can carry your business essential.


The right business bag should also be easily accessible. When you’re having a busy day and you need to carry a lot of things at once, a bag with a cross-shoulder functionality will probably come in handy. But if you’re looking for something that can keep your important documents securely, then a briefcase will probably do the job.

For easy access, check if your bag has organizational features. This is so your things don’t just go into one big pocket where they’ll be hard to find when you need them. It would be better if your bag has several access points to its main compartment.


Choosing popular brands that are well known for producing high-quality items is smart but not always necessary. While popular brands have a good reputation quality-wise, they may also be a little pricey as compared to lesser-known brands. These small brands might produce good quality and can be more within your budget, so it’s always good to visit both the popular and upcoming brands. Just keep your requirements for a bag in mind then go from there.

A Complete Guide To Buying Men's Business Bags

How To Buy The Best Business Bag at the Best Price

Because a bag’s price and quality may have a big connection, it’s a good idea to save enough money for the bag you want. Aside from that, you should also know how you can spend less while still getting a high-quality bag. Whether you want to buy a messenger bag or a briefcase, here are some tips on how to shop for a business bag at the best price possible:

Be Willing To Buy Used Bags

This may not always be the case, but generally speaking, you can find used business bags for sale in several online shops. The great thing about buying a used bag is that it gives you exactly what you need at a lesser price. As long as the bag is still in good condition, there’s generally no reason not to buy a used business bag.

The downside of buying a used bag is the limit it will place on your choice. A used bag’s collection will only have so much range in terms of styles and color. Also, it might only work if you want something to only take you through for a brief period before you buy something you really want to use every day.

Focus On Quality Over Price

As stated earlier, just because something is more pricey than other similar products doesn’t mean it’s of better quality. This goes especially for men’s business bags. Just because an item is expensive doesn’t always mean it’s made out of better materials. Sometimes, a higher price only means you’re paying for its brand name instead of its quality or materials. So, focus on buying quality over price, since this will save you more money in the long run.

Forget About Trends

If you want to save up when buying a bag for work, then forget about the styles that are currently trending and focus on finding something classic instead of trendy. A business bag with a classic style will match almost any outfit. It’s better to invest in classic pieces that will last a long time instead of going with trendy bags that might only fade away quickly.


Shopping for a business bag for men can be quite difficult and overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. So, this article has outlined for you important things you may need to know to buy the right men’s business bag for you.

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