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LONDON, United Kingdom – Every season in the fashion world is shaped by designers (both emerging and established) and trends, and as each and every cycle progresses as dedicated followers of fashion, we choose to embrace concepts that we have seen before, and those that are completely new to the market. With another fashion week event under our belts, March is the time to take a long hard look at our wardrobes and make some tough decisions about what to keep, what to bin, and what brands and trends to invest in.


The product of a textile dynasty, Budapest born Eszter Áron was exposed to creativity from a very young age, so it was only natural when she chose to pursue fashion design as a career. A pure representation of quality, craftsmanship and elegance, Áeron is now one of the fastest growing brands in Hungary and has received international acclaim.

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With luxury jewellery at its heart, emerging brand Boky Lee uses modern and traditional techniques to create truly exciting and playful pieces. The latest collection, pictured, takes inspiration from scaffolding to use interconnecting parts to ensure influence through structural shapes.

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Boky Lee


Named after designer Jane Smedley’s two grandmothers, London-born Catherine & Jean is a label that has taken influence from beautiful fabrics and capitalised on the founder’s eye for detail.

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Catherine & Jean


Hailing from Ukraine and once debuted as part of the country’s ‘New Names’ fashion week campaign, DOMANOFF has gone from strength to strength after launching in 2008. Its experimental style has inspired fashion enthusiasts across the globe to dare to be different.

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From their Florence workshop, Eddie Handmade designers create pieces made from natural cowhide and calfskin leather sourced from the finest tanneries in Italy.

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Eddie Handmade


FABROS uses classic Danish design principles and the highest quality Argentine leather to build accessories that will last not just this season but into the next and the ones after that.

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The great knit off will be influential in the early and late phrases of the spring/summer season, with mixed marls an excellent springtime investment.

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Kimmy J


Led by designer Annie Cannon-Brookes, Sydney-based House of Cannon uses custom digital prints and bold colours to craft the style statements that will take you from day to night in the coming season.

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House of Cannon


Another Ukrainian brand set to shape the season ahead, Irina Dzhus was founded in 2010 to bring conceptual wear to the forefront of the fashion world. All products created by Irina Dzhus are also vegetarian-friendly and violence-free.

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Irina Dzhus


Sportswear is always huge for the spring/summer season, and emerging brand J.Chung adds an enviable high fashion twist to the casual look.

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Despite only graduating in January 2015, self-titled label Karen Topacio is already making waves for the season ahead. Fun, crisp and innovative, her products play with waist, hem and neck lines to create truly awe-inspiring looks.

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Karen Topacio


Looking for the perfect show-stopping accessory for the new season? Then LYA LYA should be your handbag brand of choice. Using structure, metal and raw edges, LYA LYA’s bags and accessories are handcrafted, elegant and luxurious.

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Challenge the traditional cuts and fabrics that we have come to rely on every spring/summer season by wearing MLTV, a contemporary clothing label based on the very same premise. The menswear brand was born to broaden the classic wardrobe of the modern day man with high quality pieces that use clean and simple lines.

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Use shape and silhouette to your advantage this season with creations by Nathalie Fordeyn. The latest collection by Nathalie Fordeyn is inspired by quality and comfort, and uses innovative Japanese fabrics and design principles.

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Nathalie Fordeyn


Founded in 2012, OSTEL is the brainchild of Olya Stelmakhova. Using juxtaposing natural beauty and futurism, the brand plays on the traditions associated with East meets West to create a new reality for fashion lovers.

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The capsule collection of Pearly Wong may not be as extensive as the Spring/Summer 2016 collections of other designers featured in this A to Z but the unisex, wearable and versatile nature of each piece gives you the means to go back to basics during the season ahead.

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The flat mule may keep you on trend by day but by night the “quite sensible but still high fashion heeled mule” should be your go-to accessory. The Virginia mule from De Siena is a spring/summer triumph, combining sleek, sexy and super versatile style features.

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De Siena


Using fashion as armour is a must this season so let innovative womenswear brand REIN inspire you.

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Couture should not be restricted to the catwalk as brand Sandra Weil proves. Each handcrafted piece is made from the best materials, incorporating the most sumptuous textures and using unrivalled attention to detail.

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Sandra Weil


Contemporary and Scandinavian, Too Damn Expensive uses strong and sharp tailoring to create powerful silhouettes for the new season.

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Too Damn Expensive


A big hit during the previous Autumn/Winter 2015/2016 season, the 70s inspired ultra-suede is back and better than ever.

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In fashion, there will be one or two eras that stand out as an influence for the new season and it is all about the Victorians this spring/summer. Think ruffles, exaggerated sleeves and high necklines.

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Pink Magnolia


White shirts are officially reloaded for the new season, from this simple tuxedo shirt from Benjamine Cadette to new shapes designed to create as much impact as possible.

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Benjamine Cadette


X-factor silhouettes are essential to staying on and making the trends this season, whichever way you would like to create an impact from the low shoulder cut pictured to fringed, mesh and pleated designs.

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Think outside the box when choosing your new season accessory, from the half-moon handbag to something shapelier like this blue candy creation from Katya Komarova.

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Katya Komarova


Silver is the material of choice for new season jewellery, a trend that start-up brand Zevar will be able to take advantage of. Vibrant, rich and handcrafted, each creation from Zevar uses traditional Indian methods to create a bespoke look and feel.

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