Here are some tips and tricks when choosing migraine glasses online.
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Migraine glasses with FL-41 pink-tinted lenses help control migraine for over 80% of people. Several people order prescription glasses online as they are cheaper and can get customized easily. FL-41 tinted migraine glasses sold online through reputed companies are fast becoming the first choice of many patients because they can get overnight delivery and try many virtual looks.

Ask for a precise prescription

Customers must get a clear prescription for migraine glasses from their ophthalmologist with all the essential details regarding the tint and power of the lenses. Ask the hospital optician to measure the segment height for lens placement in the frame for a bifocal and progressive prescription. Get a sample frame with accurate measurements and mail the details to the online company. If you don’t understand any particular information, note them down and clarify it with the optician in the eye hospitals.

Ask the optician to measure the pupillary distance (PD) and give the correct numbers. It is essential to align the lenses to match your pupil location. Some companies require you to fill in the PD and segment height numbers, while others give you an option to attach the prescription photo in JPEG or PDF format. Don’t use old prescriptions while ordering migraine glasses online, and take time to visit an ophthalmologist and get a newly updated prescription.

Choose the frame type

There are different migraine glass frames, from semi-rims to rimless and full-rimmed ones. Choose a frame that fits your face by trying a virtual look – frame match on the website you want to order online. If you have a favorite frame at home that you love already, send the photograph of it to the company. Never select a frame because it looks good on a celebrity or friend who recently purchased it.

Each face is different, and it is vital to select a comfortable frame for your ears and nose and a color that compliments your skin tone. Rimless migraine glasses with reflection seals at the ends are famous and professional full-frame glasses with curved edges. The curved wrap model is best suitable for migraine glasses as it controls light reflection from all sides better than other frame models.

Select the right material

Lenses and frames are made of various materials from glass to polycarbonate, CR-39, and Trivex. CR-39 is helpful for children’s glasses and full frames. Polycarbonate lenses do not break easily and are the best choice for most people with mild to normal eye problems. People with severe migraine and light sensitivity must choose CR-39 for extra clarity or high-index lens material. Trivex has less weight and provides standard clarity similar to polycarbonate glasses.

Trivex lenses are best for brow line or semi-rim frames, and high-index lenses go well with rimless glasses. Stainless steel (gold frames), Titanium, aluminum, and plastic get used to manufacture prescription glass frames. It is best to choose metals like Titanium or stainless steel frames for migraine glasses as they do not cause much light reflection. Wood and glass frames are also available in some stores.

Additional coatings

There are plenty of coatings in a prescription lens in addition to the FL-41 pink tint unique to the migraine glasses. Ensure your glass has an anti-scratch and easy cleaning coatings to prevent dust accumulation on the lenses. The anti-scratch coating is a must if there are children or pets in the home. Paying a little extra allows you to get a premium anti-glare coating which is a must for migraine glasses. The frames lose color and shine over time because of constant contact with oil from our skin.

You can pay for Oleophobic coating to prevent this process and keep your frames new forever. Anti-static and hydrophobic coatings prevent dust and moisture from adhering to the lens surface by making it super slippery. The last two coatings are often offered for free when you purchase prescription migraine glasses. The website of the company you are ordering the migraine glasses will have all the details regarding the special coatings they provide and the ones you must pay extra for.

Check the FAQ section

Check the FAQ section on the website of the brand you are choosing to purchase the migraine glasses online. Check for the refund policy and read reviews about their service on other places like Google review. If a chatbot is available for help, clarify your doubts regarding your order and the price or extra payment.

Ask them about their rebate policy, how to return the frames if you do not like them, and the delivery time. Prescription lenses are costly, and it is vital to ensure they get prepared with expertise or you get proper compensation. Most companies change the frames and add or reduce coatings for free but do not change the prescription specifications in the lenses. When you first enter them, provide the correct details and cross-check them multiple times before paying.

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