Chef Neil Fuentes: Master the craft starting with a Masterclass

Chef Neil Fuentes

Arepas are made by making a ball and then flattening in a clapping motion.

NEW HAVEN, United States — You don’t need anyone to tell you that cooking is an art, but how do the masters refine this art? One way is a masterclass. While a masterclass is more traditionally held for art or music, masterclasses in cuisine have also become very popular. From Australia to the United States to the UK, masterclasses in cuisine can be found for both the lay person and the professional. Some examples of classes for the public at large are Alain Ducasse’s Ecole de Cuisine and Made In Hackney.

To honor the masterclass ideal, the following video will attempt to create the masterclass experience with Chef Neil Fuentes. Fuentes has regularly been featured on the American channel, the Food Network as well as The Food Channel.

Who is Neil Fuentes?

Fuentes was born and raised on a farm in Venezuela. During his youth, he spend plenty of time in the kitchen with his mother who taught him the art of cooking. Being on a farm taught him the values of homemade cheese, fresh vegetables and farm raised meat. These would later become the basis of his culinary ideals.

To learn more about Fuentes, watch the video interview where he describes how he became a chef!

Are you ready to go to class?

If so, watch this short masterclass with Chef Neil Fuentes. In the video, Fuentes teaches several ways to prepare arepas. He also discusses P.A.N., which is a maize flour. It’s also known as masa de arepa or masarepa. The flour is used by Venezuelans and Columbians to make arepas, bollos and hallacas. They can be stuffed with and served with a variety of foods. The flour can be boiled, baked or fried.

Wrapping it up

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about a masterclass and had the pleasure of experiencing one from the comfort of your own home, maybe you decide to take one out in the community. Your own masterclass experience is one Google Search away.

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