We take you on a magical journey accompanied by Said Cyrus in a leading British couture house that combines French style and exquisite British tailoring. Discover the perfect look for the festive season!
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NORWICH, United Kingdom — I could not think of a more appropriate place to find the most exquisite gowns than The House of Catherine Walker & Co. A House that remains well known for its class, style and finesse; a Saville Row tailoring with the sensuality of French design. The House is a place where absolutely every minute detail is handcrafted with professional perfection. Those who would have thought the unfortunate passing of Catherine Walker, would signal an end to the House are very mistaken.

A Distinguished Hands-on Approach

The House has continued with its original vision while diversifying into a luxury handbag range; truly befitting the classic daywear of Catherine Walker & Co’s clientele. With Said Cyrus Ismael, Catherine’s widower, business partner and co-founder at the helm; assisted by many dressmakers; many whom Catherine herself trained personally, the House has a distinguished hands-on approach that runs through the veins of the garments that they produce.

From the client’s very first appointment and the fittings, to the delivery of the completed garment, the client will be treated like a princess. Each sequin, pearl, crystal is pain-stakingly hand-sown onto the garment…endless hours spent purely for this part of the dressmaking alone; whilst the image of the client in the forefront of the dressmaker’s mind and the spirit of Catherine Walker herself it seems, guiding the needle with pure accuracy and vision. Hence when the client finally wears her bespoke garment, the dream becomes a reality and the creation of Catherine Walker lives on.

Catherine Walker
Said Cyrus – Creative Director of Catherine Walker & Co.
Catherine Walker
Hand Embroidery – House of Catherine Walker & Co

The Future of the House

With the House diversifying into luxury accessories it belies on inspection that each piece is created with the ultimate devotion, as required for each garment. Each piece is embossed with the House of Catherine Walker & Co. As for the future, Said Cyrus comments on the ideals of the House:

“Everything we create holds the essence of what women want from investment dressing and is intended to go on giving pleasure over many years. The same values apply with our entrée into leather goods and I am delighted with the results. We hope luxury connoisseurs with exacting requirements and an eye for substance will not only appreciate the gorgeous design but also the exquisite workmanship.”

“The House hopes that the owners of its bags will treasure and treat their purchases in the same way that many do with its Couture designs –and perhaps even pass them down as heirlooms,” says Said Cyrus.

The House is therefore set to diversify and perhaps even more so in the future years, however judging by the comments and feelings of Said Cyrus, the ultimate sensuality and perfection of tailoring of garments and accessories alike will in no way waiver from the perfection and professionalism that the House is known for.

For the festive season you know that the only choice would be to head to the House of Catherine Walker & Co and let them take you on that magical journey — all you need to add is the crown!

Festive Fashion Predictions

What should the lady of the evening be wearing during the festive season?

To the ultimate Christmas Eve Party: the Aluminium of course. Ladies will shine and definitely be the centre of attention with this mesmerising gown of black, silver and lace thus allowing the wearer to be both Princess and Temptress at the same time.

Catherine Walker
Aluminium – Courtesy of House of Catherine Walker & Co

To a Christmas Luncheon/Meeting: the Lexington, a tailored low-rise suit with lace work detail; adding that feminine touch that the House is so widely known for.

Catherine Walker
Lexington- Courtesy of House of Catherine Walker & Co