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Zaha Hadid: the great architect

When we think of the biggest architectural projects of the last 20 years, we think of Zaha Hadid’s works. Awarded the Pritzker Prize, Zaha is constantly pushing the boundaries of modern architecture. We look closer at her work.

Giuseppe La Spada: A man, An artist

He is an Italian digital artist. One of the most famous in the world who won the Webby Award for his magnificent work. We talked to Giuseppe La Spada and discover the techniques, inspiration and vision of a real artist.

Video Sound Art Festival

Discover new technologies in the art field featuring magnificent data collection and live performances, motion graphics, audio and video installations!

James Franco, The Artist

Emerge yourself in a mise-en-scène of director Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 thriller Psycho at the exhibition Psycho Nacirema, curated by Hollywood actor, James Franco currently on display at the Pace Gallery in London.