Viet Ha Tran: Photographing dreams

Viet Ha Tran, a fine art photographer best known for her poetic photographs of timeless women takes us on a journey where reality plays hide and seek with fantasy!

The many faces of Ebola: A morning with Tim Benson

We get a sneak peak of the latest project from award-winning portrait artist Tim Benson on Ebola in Sierra Leone – an understanding of a human problem through Tim’s own interpretation of stigmatisation and the stories of those who survived the disease.

Who is afraid of Women Photographers?

“Who’s afraid of Women Photographers? 1839-1945”. Thomas Galifot, scientific curator of this exhibition presented jointly in the Musée de l’Orangerie and the Musée d’Orsay tells us more!

Paper-Cut-Project: the art of making

Scissors, glue and paper! Ready for the Paper-Cut-Project? In theory yes but the transformation of simple sheets of paper that you’re about to see is beyond any snip snip you’ve seen before!

Stefan Pabst: The Artistic Mind in 3D

Watch your back, artwork is literally jumping out at you from the pages. Are you nuts or in front of some sort of illusion? Watch Stefan Pabst creating jaw-dropping magic through 3D art!