Michael Harding – The Art of Colour

Have you ever heard of Michael Harding Handmade Artist’s Oil Colours? Well, if you haven’t we suggest you to read this exclusive interview with Michael Harding, a master paint maker behind the most exceptional oil paints in the market. Time to switch from acrylic to oil paints, folks!

5 Ways to shoot better Fine Art Photography

Regardless of your expertise or experience in photography, you can never have too many tips. So, if you are interested in honing your fine art photography skills, this Cheat Sheet will give you a leg up on the competition.

Art Basel Miami 2015

Whether you are an art lover, an art amateur or a pro in the subject, you may know that one of the world’s most prestigious art shows was held in Miami Beach. Yeap, the Art Basel Miami 2015. Join the conversation!

DNA Portrait Sculptures Premiered at Davos

Two DNA sculptures were exhibited at the World Economic Forum at DAVOS. If you think you’ve seen it all, think again, as Dewey-Hagborg’s 3D-printed, DNA portrait models of Chelsea Manning will blow your mind!

Mais Sundermann – the man behind the brush

Painting techniques may include charcoal, pastel colours, acrylic paints and, for Mais Sundermann, newspaper clippings from Finland. Puzzled? Let’s discover Mais’ creative progress!