Charlie Straight Towards Glastonbury!

With 60 thousand fans on FB, 3.5 million views on YouTube, one local MTV Break-Through European Award and 3 “Academy” Music Awards under their belt, Charlie Straight is the most promising Czech band of 2013!

For How Much?

LONDON, United Kindom — Annarita Mazzilli is a dancer and choreographer based in London, where she set up Mazzilli Dance Theatre two years ago. Her most recent piece, For How Much?, explores the hidden costs of consumerism in a society where clothes have become so cheap that they can be bought and thrown away without […]

The Vazquez Sounds

Three talented youngsters have recently become a phenomenon thanks to their fantastic voices and their millions of followers. They are about to reach 200 million “views” on their YouTube channel! Ladies and gentlemen, The Vazquez Sounds speak exclusively to the FG!

The Audience

Go back in time through the different styles of a fashion icon, Queen Elizabeth II, while meeting each of her 12 Prime Ministers in a weekly audience at Buckingham Palace. A fantastic new play presenting Helen Mirren in “The Audience”.

A Fusion Of Fashion, Tradition & Dance

LONDON, United Kingdom  — In January this year, the fashion and arts fascinating worlds came together once again when the English National Ballet (ENB), under the new Artistic Direction of Tamara Rojo, launched a complete re-brand and teamed-up with Vivienne Westwood for its first new campaign. The ballet company wants to show the vibrancy, passion, drama and […]