The Discovery of Latin American Theatre

This month London will host CASA 2013, celebrating theatre made in Latin America. We speak to Daniel Goldman, artistic director, who created the festival in 2007 to fill a gap and bridge two thriving theatre cultures.

The Radio E.P.G.B

It is just one of those places that can change a city. Radio E.P.G.B has become a popular spot for Tel Aviv’s art scene, a venue for live performances and leading DJs – a truly one-of-a-kind underground experience and a must-see!

Surreal Worlds

We enter a surreal world of operatic music and visual surprises in the evocative setting of Nunhead Cemetery, where Arbonauts present Biped’s Monitor 2013. A great forthcoming productions.

Interview: Parov Stelar

One of the biggest electro-swing artists, the Austrian musician Marcus Füreder, better known as ‘Parov Stelar’, speaks exclusively to the FG about his music influences, inspirations and the latest album ‘The Princess’.

An Eclectic Artist

The FG Magazine goes behind the scenes to find out more about Pietro Pignatelli: a multi-talented Italian actor, director and all-round artist!