Erika Lemay: Starting At The End

Erika Lemay walks you through her forty-eight-hour race against time before the Physical Poetry gala show! This high emotion moment took two days to stage, surrounded by a team of professionals working around the clock for a stunning performance.

The Mystic World of Tarot Cards  

Are you interested in the esoteric world – horoscopes, psychics and tarot? We walk you through your first reading of tarot cards and open you the doors to a mystical experience that goes beyond the real world. What are you waiting for? Give it a go!

Networking – why do it & how to enjoy it

Feeling a bit shy, insecure or not so sure why you should be attending a networking event? Whether you are a social butterfly or less of a busy bee, we provide you great networking tips, from adopting the right mindset to a successful follow up!

Meditation: Happier, Wiser, Younger and Thinner?

Happier, Wiser, Younger And Thinner? If you thought meditation was purely for monks, think again as its benefits are captivating the minds and time of the business folks out there. Let’s meditate…

Content Marketing: Strategies and Tools

Why does your business need a Content Marketing Strategy? And how do you create the best one for your company? We have put together 8 great ways to improve your content marketing strategy making quality content key to your business success.