6 Non-Toxic, Plastic-Free Baby and Toddler Toys to Buy this Season

Are you looking for products you can trust this Christmas? These days mums and dads are in constant search of natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly toys that have some sort of educational value for their little ones. So, if you’re looking for something that is safe, plastic-free and will stimulate your child’s imagination, check out some of these toys we found especially for you!

Take Your Peruvian Virgin Hair To The Next Level

Have you heard of the ever-so-popular Peruvian virgin hair? Whether you already own a set of hair extensions or would like to buy your very first pair of those luscious locks of Peruvian virgin hair, we give you a few ideas you can’t miss this summer.

International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day we want to remember some female role models that we have published at the FG Magazine who highlight the significance women have in global economics across all sectors acting boldly for change. All their stories carry empowering messages, advice and encouragement to dream big and stand out!

Evolution of Santa Claus

The Christmas Season is fast approaching and for the occasion we would like to share with you this great infographic in case you’ve been asking yourself how the story of Santa Claus started? Why does Santa dress in red? Or why Santa gives away the gifts in Christmas Stockings? Enjoy the reading with some mulled wine and delicious mince pies!

Is Today’s Feminism Irrelevant?

SAN FRANCISCO, United States — Feminism has been stirring up more controversy as International Women’s Day approached last month. The feminist movement started in the late 1960’s, shedding light on domestic violence, sexual harassment and gender inequality against women, especially of colour. Early marches were lead by Gloria Steinem, the first nationally recognised feminist, who created […]