Viva La Fresca

Stifanelli, an Italian family celebrating the Italian slow food culture, expresses their passion for simple & genuine things using their own harvested Durum wheat and home-made techniques for making their special pasta fresca.

The Queen of Tel Aviv’s Culinary Kingdom

Meet Ruthie Brodo, the queen of the culinary kingdom in Tel-Aviv. A strong woman that knows what makes the city tick. As she masters her projects admirably, we take a closer look at Ruthie and her breathtaking creations.

Ladies in Charge

We review some influential ladies in the catering industry who in a few years changed what we eat, the way we eat and how we eat it. Truly inspiring women who are ruling the restaurant scene!

Yard time at the Yardbird

A restaurant that dedicates a whole section of their menu to all parts of the chicken? Yes, at the Yardbird even the strictest of food snobs are willing to queue outside in its tiny alleyway, because it’s worth it!

Behind the (Kitchen) Curtains

Have you ever asked yourself how a Chef’s kitchen is run? Most of the times it is a well-oiled machine that runs smoothly, but sometimes things go very, very wrong or simply take a turn for the unexpected.