Chef Neil Fuentes: Master the craft starting with a Masterclass

Are you ready for a cooking masterclass? We bring you this exclusive video for a masterclass experience with Chef Neil Fuentes, who will be teaching us several ways to make yummy arepas! Are you ready to go to class?

A Gourmet Feast full of Visual and Tasty Sensations

Is costumised cuisine an emerging luxury trend? Try the Yellow Lemon’s artistic molecular cuisine inspired by music, art and rhythm!

The Changing Climate of Grape To Glass

Take the journey from grape to glass and learn how changing climates are affecting our favourite wines. Wine in a changing climate comes to the Greenhouse in Norwich, UK.

BarChef: Toronto’s Premiere Mixologist Frankie Solarik

BarChef owner, resident mixologist and all round nice guy Frankie Solarik is shaking up the Toronto cocktail scene with complex ingredients that invigorate the senses.

Craft Beer Distinctly American

Hmmm, Beeeer! Craft beer continues to grow in popularity and with over 3,000 breweries making the stuff in the US new festivals are cropping up all the time. Fancy a pint?