Top 10 fashionable characters from movies

We all have our favourite movies and characters that in one way or another reflect who we are or who we would love to be. So, we invite you to get and see if you agree with our ten most stylish characters from films in the past three decades.

Game Changing Fashion for the Female Form

There’s no doubt that fashion cannot only be game changing but world changing, and with feminism and empowerment hot topics across the globe, the statements we create when we build an outfit are more important than ever.

The Ultimate Style Picks for the Festive Season

Forget that ugly sweater party and jump into a high fashion forward look, courtesy of The Clothing Lounge. Looks that will see you dazzle at the next office Christmas party, festive family gathering or New Year’s Eve soirée!

Above and Abroad

Looking for a colour palette encompassing metallic copper, stone, black and silvers? Look no further as the Inverno collection, signed UMA® Raquel Davidowicz, brings you the best of Made-in-Brazil.

Peruvian Connection: A London Affair!

Join us at this exclusive catwalk event featuring the latest AW2015 signature looks of Peruvian Connection while sipping a great Pisco and enjoying the Peruvian flavours of Lima Floral.