Abahna: Tales from the Far East for Bathtime

A story that began during a holiday to the Far East? Ed and Claire Croft, founders of Abahna,a luxury bath and spa range, tell us in an exclusive interview all about these fantastic products, the concept, rationale and emotional story behind it!

Art behind the Art

Jules Francis, a renowned makeup artist in the beauty and advertising industry, whose talented work is often featured in magazines such as Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair, walks us through a typical day on a shoot!

Here Comes The Sun

Already a loyal customer of Kiehl’s skincare products? Don’t miss the review of these products especially for the masculine market. Great tips for men on the go, yet willing to put in that few minutes to stay fresh!

Mr. Handsome!

Men want to look as great as women do! While the men’s beauty industry in Asia has been consolidated, in Western countries is also starting to boom! Skin products help men to be more handsome, not more beautiful. Why not!

Not Just A Woman’s Game!

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Forget fast cars and designer clothes, the latest craze sweeping the Middle East is male plastic surgery. According to Dr Toni Nassar who has achieved celebrity status in the world of Middle Eastern plastic surgery, 25% of cosmetic surgery patients in the region are men with many hailing from the United Arab […]