Hot Trend of Organic Beauty Products

Eco-friendly products are booming across California, we have scoured the state for our favourites and are meeting the organic beauty brand Deep Roots and retailer Credo Beauty.

Get To The Point

Who, why and for what reason would anyone want to have needles stuck into their bodies in the name of ‘me-time’? Let’s discover Acupuncture!

6 Steps on How to Get that Natural Makeup Look

Are you looking for the perfect natural look? With the help of makeup artist Maggie Thach and Sara Dashty, we help you master that barely-there makeup look with only 6 simple steps using the products they love!

Terre Dei Papi: Donkey’s Milk Cosmetics

Are you in search of a truly noble experience? We introduce you to Terra dei Papi Line. Luxurious beauty treatments based on the extraordinary power of 100% Italian organic Donkey’s Milk. You have to try them!

Beautiful Gold

LONDON, United Kingdom — These days, getting a facial is as common as getting a manicure, and women go to the dermatologist or spa as often as they go to the nail salon. Having a well-maintained skin is just as much of a status symbol as owning a Birkin. Looking great without wearing much make-up is just […]