Gwenelda: Mobile beauty at your fingertips

Have you heard of Gwenelda? If not, it’s time to download their App and book an appointment with a beautician, who will introduce you to the wonderful world of mobile beauty, the new big thing in London!

K-Beauty: the future of skin care

We were at the “K-Beauty Close-up” by ARTISTRY to learn on future skin care innovations, get the latest R&D developments and all the necessary K-nowledge for our skin!

The art of threading

Looking for the perfect threading? Gharib Desouky, owner of Egyptian salon I-Bar, walks us through the steps of this ancient technique. After this, you’ll be a threading convert, guaranteed!

The pain-free life guide

Are you aching? Check out our pain-free golden rules useful for amateurs, sport adepts, elite athletes or anyone challenged with an inflammatory disorder.

Wax On, Wax Off!

It has never been easier, less painful and more enjoyable to get a male Brazilian than with the Wax in the City, a wax-only studio that uses its own exclusive wax based on natural beeswax!