Mochila Bags

Mochila bags are completely handmade by the indigenous Wayuu, with a manufacturing time of more than 160 hours.

Positive Energy Charm Bracelets

BOSTON, United States – Over the past few years, we have seen an influx of charm bracelet trends hit the market place. You have charms for every occasion – weddings, birthdays, family – the list goes on. It seems that this way of personalising a piece of jewellery, which is not only beautiful but means […]

Must-have Sandals!

NEW YORK, United States – When the weather begins to warm the first thing I look forward to is putting on sandals. It is hard to even remember what it is like to have bare feet after six months of socks! This year my footwear of choice are from Coclico, their Spring/Summer 2013 collection is a […]

Retro Super Future

FLORENCE, Italy  — One of the latest trends in sunglasses are Super acetate frames. Behind Super by RetroSuperFuture brand, there is David Beckerman, who happens to be, together with his brother Simon, a publisher of PIG Magazine, one of the most prestigious independent Italian magazines for undiscovered talents of fashion and music, and PIG Radio, playing the best electronic and indie pop […]

Pearl Jewellery Buying Tips for 2013

LONDON, United Kingdom — Pearls are set to be sitting atop many women’s wish-lists during this season and throughout the year, but this inevitably means there will be a lot of men fretting about which pearls to buy and what sort of style the woman in their life will love. Well, luckily, pearls are universally […]