The making of Fabros handbags

In a quest for self-sufficiency and unique style choices, Fabros tells us step-by-step how to create our very own collection of fabulous leather bags.

Hifas da Terra: when fashion and science collide

When innovation, sustainability, ecology and mycology knock on the fashion doors, we get Hifas da Terra, a biotech company communicating the benefits from mushrooms in great style!

Uniquely Handcrafted 27Jewelry

Recycled precious metals are the cornerstone for the luxury handmade pieces at 27Jewelry from Prague by Lenka Svachova.

BEGADA: Luxury Personified

Envious of those Bollywood Beauties? Grab your own piece of the glamour with BEGADA and their fusion of art, tradition, beauty and quality.

Are Wearables Wearable Yet?

Are Wearables wearable yet? We revisit wearable accessories and smart clothing to see if they will be replacing your vintage watch or designer shirt any time soon or if they should remain in the gym locker.