Best Luxury Fashion Accessories on the Market

Do you know what the best accessories on the market are just now? Here is a look at some stunning luxury accessories and how to utilise them so that your appearance really pops.

Ganor Dominic: ‘If not now, then when?’

Ready to wear shoes with a 3D effect? We introduce you to a one of a kind shoe collection featuring marble heels, tassels and digital prints inspired by the ancient Greek Gods and Muses!

Andrée Sorant: a new twist on a classic accessory

In search of a col Claudine popular in the 50’s? Louise Motte’s col Claude collection is a new reinterpretation of collar accessories to free yourself from conventional bow ties and ties. A new oldie?

Jalan Sahbá – a truly global designer

Indulge yourself with L’ODISSEA! Don’t panic Ulisse won’t be part of this journey but luxury handbag designer Jalan Sahbá, will walk you through her latest timelessly, iconic bags collection!

De Siena Shoes – Handmade in Italia

Looking for sophisticated shoes with a touch of romanticism made for the femme fatal? We’ve got it! Luxury footwear label De Siena showcases all Italy is known, loved and celebrated for.