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Captains Choice

Captains Choice

NORWICH, United Kingdom — Living the life of the modern day executive has its price; stress, long hours, more responsibilities to name a few. So, what better way to unwind and recharge those batteries than by taking an exclusive executive vacation to destinations far and wide. Join me on my journey as I explore jaw-dropping vacation destinations of today’s top class executives.

Private Jet Tour

A vacation only seen or imagined in movies, I hear you say. Well no: it is here in the real world, that is, if you are an Executive of course. Captain’s Choice is the vessel that can escort you away on the journey of your dreams; and for today’s Executives dealing with the major pressures of work, targets and never lagging responsibilities, it seems that they require a major high-flying vacation experience to bring them back to earth and release their self-made pressures. This is no mere journey to an exotic location, this is the total experience of luxury and opulence that money can buy. Executives can choose to travel, alone, with a partner or group, while they choose their preferred dates. After that, their whole journey is taken care of; think on board personal travelling doctor, escort guides for each tour, personal cuisine catered for, destinations to far flying off the beaten track destinations, staying in no less than 5 star hotels that exude pure luxury.

You can also have a private jet booked for your personal tour group only; with tour groups ranging from 20 – 40 persons in total. Imagine exotic locations that dreams are made of; then this private jet can take you there. Imagine the finest cuisine you have ever tasted cooked by master chefs; then this is the food you shall eat. Imagine being treated like a King and Queen for the duration of your tour; and this is exactly how you will be treated. Bernadette Tracey from Captain’s Choice explains:

Our typical client might be a wealthy retired former captain of industry who, along with a partner, finally has the time to travel in the style to which they aspire, to a couple who have downsized their house and want to spend the profit on a once in a lifetime travel experience, or even someone who has recently come into some money and has decided to spend it all rather than leaving it to the children.

Captains Choice

Captains Choice

Exotic Island Spa

If Spas are your thing, then this one is to die for: the Taj Exotica Resort & Spa in the Maldives. Imagine a spa running the total length of the island with completely unspoilt white sandy beaches. Visualise a turquoise ocean and turquoise skies; just like a mirror, it is hard to see where one ends and the other begins. Think of the pure opulent luxury of constant Indian and Auyervedic treatments on offer that will, without any shadow of a doubt, take away any remaining stress or ailments; that is, if the scenery alone does not do the job.

Add to this experience the pure indulgence of the famed restaurant serving the freshest food and catering for all preferences. Rooms at the resort and spa are befitting the resort ranging from lagoon-fronted rooms with simple decor to presidential suites. To put it simply, you feel like you have died and gone to Heaven in both mind and body. I could not agree more with The Leading Hotels of the World‘s statement:

With an unspoiled beach setting and world-renowned spa, Taj Exotica raised the bar on focused pampering.

 Taj Resort Maldives

Image supplied by LHW on Taj Resort Maldives

Today’s Executives work harder, spend longer at their desks, have greater responsibilities, causing high levels of stress. Yet to balance all of this and to recharge their batteries they vacation like kings and queens and smother themselves in untold luxury.

Captains Choice

Captains Choice

Courtesy of: Bernadette Tracey, Captain’s Choice.
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