Bryony and Co: A playdate in the woods

Bryony and Co

Olivia wearing Bryony and Co.’s Penny Dress while reading the story book: A trip to the Zoo.

LONDON, United Kingdom – It’s a beautiful, sunny morning in London and Olivia and I have great plans for the day, ranging from a tea party in the garden, feeding the birds to a nice walk in the woods to find rare flowers for making our own perfume; the latest invention of my 5-year-old daughter. To make our playdate even more glamourous and fun, we chose to match our outfits, perfect for the occasion. And we couldn’t find a better way to do this than with Bryony and Co.’s SS16 collection featuring beautiful illustrations, based upon the latest adventures of Poppy and her dog Fred, the two main characters of the storybooks that accompany every single dress of their creative collection for young girls and grown ups.

Playing dressing-up

The first dress that Olivia spots is a gorgeous vintage style Penny dress featuring colourful budgies throughout. Being a big fan of birds, the illustration of this dress and the beautiful storybook behind this design, where Poppy and Fred spend the day at the Kew Gardens, makes the ensemble even more fascinating for Olivia. Soon after, she finds a matching skirt for me, also featuring lovely budgies, which we decide to pair with a vintage knit cardigan in lemon, and off we go to feed the birds outside.

While swirling around in her Penny dress, Olivia is already letting her imagination fly as she makes up her own story about the budgies in her dress. A storyteller? Maybe it’s too early to tell, but definitely this is the case for Bryony, the designer and mastermind behind this creative brand.

Playing with two hats

Bryony, a storyteller and a designer, started drawing her own fabrics and thinking up the stories as she developed her business. “Often the illustrations and the fabrics are complete before the story is written, the story remains in my head long before it arrives on paper,” says the designer.

Olivia is not only fascinated by the prints that every Bryony & Co. dress features but also by the story books that come with every collection. Bryony was inspired by lovely books she read as a child and was fascinated by the illustrations in them. As she recalls: “Books like Milly Molly Mandy, Bar Bar and of course Pippi Longstocking – I just wanted to be her, she was my hero, I think.”

Bryony and Co

Ivy dress, Large Flamingo, Bryony and Co.

A trip to the Zoo

We soon find our next look, a sleeveless dress in ivory featuring the giraffe house at the Zoo from one of Bryony’s storybooks. You just follow the prints in the dress to get to the heart of the story. Once again, I can team up with a fitted top featuring the same prints. And off we go for a little walk in the woods.

Our journey brings us to the next story book, “A trip to the Zoo”, which gives life to their latest SS16 collection. The storybook ingeniously embraces the changes of name that Bryony and Co. went through recently. “The story is all about changing names,” says Bryony. “Poppy and Fred go to look for their good friend Mr Giraffe but no body knows who he is. With the help from all the other animals they eventually track him down. You’ll have to read it to find out more.”

And while Olivia is busy trying to find out what happens at the Zoo, I’m already trying on some other beautiful dresses like the Beatrice, featuring cool large flamingos and luckily, it also has a matching dress for my “mini-me”.

We are lovin’ it!

All Bryony’s dresses are soft to the touch, easy to wear and really comfortable, I must say. Affordability and durability are the main characteristics that define Bryony’s collection and the essence of her brand. As Bryony rightly points out:

Things should be made to just go in the washing machine and be worn time and time again.

However, when it comes to women’s clothing, Bryony admits that she is still getting used to the concept as it is a whole new world. “Women come in all different shapes and sizes. Therefore, for me, it’s about making them feel comfortable and confident …”

As Olivia and I head back to the house, after our time in the garden and the woods, I’m pleased with how easy-to-wear, practical and comfortable these 100% organic cotton dresses are. Olivia also really enjoyed the stories that accompany the items and having read several of the books, she is desperate to find out what happens next in the series!

So what can we expect from Bryony’s AW16/17 collection? “To give you a clue, Poppy and Fred take a step up into the world of glitz and glamour,” concludes Bryony with a cheeky smile!

Bryony and Co. is giving away these beautiful Marta and Beatrice Long Sleeve dresses to any mother and daughter chosen at random from those who sign up to this competition here until 10th June! Good luck! 

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