BEGADA: Luxury Personified

All images - BEGADA

All images – BEGADA

LONDON, United Kingdom — From an early age, Bhavin Gada has been passionate about fusing art, tradition, beauty and quality, a lust that came to fruition with the creation of the luxury jewellery and accessories label BEGADA in 2014.

Taking influence from his British and Indian heritage, as well as his experience working with artisans, Bhavin’s own label has already become renowned for its luxury and artistic integrity, two words that can also be used to describe his latest collection.

All images - BEGADA

All images – BEGADA

Born in Bollywood

Born and brought up in the Bollywood mecca of Mumbai, designer Bhavin comes from a creative, business centric family. His father was known as the mastermind behind the development and creation of high quality glass beads, many of which were supplied to some of the biggest fashion houses in the world. Obviously, it’s easy to see why Bhavin uses the same quality and attention to detail in his own collections.

As Bhavin explains: “While growing up as a child I was surrounded by creativity, which always fascinated me. I started studying business at college but it wasn’t for me. However, fashion, art and music were more what I was always into, so I decided to join the family business to learn the ropes, a move that gave me the opportunity to create swatches and appliqués using the glass beads that my father was creating.”

The craft of hand-beading opened up my imagination and whilst being involved in this I always dreamed of creating pieces of wearable art using ancient and unorthodox artistic methods.

In early 2014 Bhavin’s ascent into the luxury fashion world began, and just like him, BEGADA was born in Bollywood, a concept devised by his own fair hands and experience, and that of his wife Twinkle.

Fusing old with new

Even in its early days, BEGADA worked to source high quality and unusual materials, and develop them with the help of traditional artisans and new artistic methods. As a result the brand has fast become known for fusing art, tradition, beauty and quality to create iconic jewellery pieces, inspired by the ancient crafts and BEGADA’s own unique, modern vision. But there were and still are other influences at play that make the brand’s latest collection its most awe-inspiring and luxurious yet.

“As my mother is British/Indian, her side of the family mostly lives in London. Since my childhood London always delivered my dose of music and fashion, and I honestly believe it’s the only place where people are willing to explore new, daring things. In fact, my love for fashion started in London, I was always fascinated by the boutiques of central London, the markets (Camden Market being my favourite), the beautiful Regent’s Park, night clubs and art galleries. Time is never enough in this city I love,” said Bhavin.

All images - BEGADA

All images – BEGADA

Luxury from day one

“In our latest collection we are truly, madly and deeply in love with shapes and cuts from the vintage chandelier crystals, which you may witness in a few of our necklaces. Many pieces are a reflection of my addiction to music, wildlife, nature and my taste for classy things,” began Bhavin.

From day one BEGADA’S vision was originality, distinctivity, creativity and exclusivity and in terms of designing and developing new and exciting materials exclusively for the collection, compromise never was, and probably never will be, a word in the brand’s vocabulary.

Courtesy of: Bhavin Gada, BEGADA | Website: BEGADA.COM | Also available at: THE-CLOTHINGLOUNGE.COM
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