Beatrice Gallori
Beatrice Gallori, an Italian contemporary artist, shares her spiritual food and what feeds her soul in life. Discover her work!
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Beatrice Gallori
For Beatrice, red is the colour that always gives her energy. Easy but strong.

PRATO, Italy — “I think there is a need for a particular place to relax,” says Beatrice Gallori, an Italian contemporary artist. “I believe that each of us can find that place in small things and small daily gestures made with love, serenity and the joy of living.”

Urban people are busy working, socialising, solving everyone else’s problems, but with little or no time for themselves. And yet, no one really knows what would be the best way of living, but what we do know is that time is precious, so we really should keep some time for ourselves!

If we take a look at the creative world, more and more international artists and designers are actually too busy to rest. Many of them are Soho or freelancers who cannot stop thinking about new ideas, despite the perception that freelancers have enough time to enjoy what they really want in life. These are creators that are used to being alone during their creative process, maybe secluded in their work and yet, fully inspired by their surroundings. Perhaps time is more of a luxury for these creative minds than it is for all those busy souls running around the city.

Beatrice Gallori
Contemporary artist, Beatrice Gallori: “I like silence around me, it helps me think”.

“I enjoy the void in my mind,” says Beatrice, a freelance artist who kindly shares her spiritual food and what feeds her soul in her artistic life during a conversation at the Affordable Art Fair in Milan, where her work has been recently exposed.

How do you manage time? How much time do you spend at work?

I am not good with time management. Being an artist, I often live in a different time dimension. I would say that I always work, not only in my studio, but also inside my mind, which is constantly seeking new stimuli and ideas.

Where does your inspiration come from? Do you have any suggestions about art and creativity?

Inspiration is everything around me, from the environment to the emotions I feel. Art and creativity is the sublimation of operation and the work of creators is the ultimate expression.

I am a crazy person, I find that crazy is beautiful but mine is a healthy madness. I tend to be very creative, but I also apply my studies to the work I do. I make art, that is my secret and it is wonderful to be able to express my ideas and communicate them to others.

Beatrice Gallori
Beatrice creates this work “Output” in her studio while living in a different time dimension.

What is your favourite artwork? And why?

Each piece of work carries a story and different emotions with it. My artworks were born from my research. I study the movement, from cell to body generally through a time lapse. I firmly believe that we are living in a movement and that we will never be the same. I believe that listening to criticism, advice and different points of view, is the best for my work. The final decision however remains with my mind.

If the day had 25 hours, what would you do with that extra hour?

Now, in this moment of my career, I would work more. I really need additional time and commitment to push myself to attend more exhibitions, including the Armanda Gori Art taking place in July in Pietrasanta, Italy.

Beatrice Gallori
Beatrice and her new work at an exhibition in Arezzo, Italy.

Have you ever thought of planning a special “relaxing” time for yourself?

I enjoy the time when I am creating in my studio. There I am alone with my work and the silence around it helps me think and focus. Of course I try to relax when I am with my children and my family. I also love to cook and prepare special recipes.

Someone said: “Learn to be alone, to understand and get along with yourself, you will understand how to love and be loved.” I think it is safe to listen to ourselves, the way everyone does, however it does not really matter whether we are in loneliness or not, the important thing is to feel and be aware of who we are, this undoubtedly also teaches us to love others and to know what we want.

I always keep in mind this phrase by Charlie Chaplin: “A day without a smile is a day lost.”

Beatrice Gallori
“Preparing special recipes for my family makes me feel very good,” says Beatrice.
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