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Barnett & Figgs

Barnett & Figgs Reception

NORWICH, United Kingdom — For a woman the ultimate pampering is a new hair do. The hair salon is the first place a woman makes for when in need of a life change, a pick me up, or for a mere fresh style to set the stage for an evening out. This month, we would like to introduce you to a countryside pampering salon nestled within the bosom of a bustling city. Barnett & Figgs is the Downtown Abbey of hair salons.

Barnett & Figgs

Barnett & Figgs

An Idea, A Concept

With both owners, Angie and Jonathon, having previously worked for many years in the modellistic, fast paced, loud city style salon, they wanted to create something far different and, to this edge, they certainly have. With country manor appeal and an organic style decor, they have definitely made their mark upon the city of Norwich; although once you set foot into their salon, it is like you have travelled back to the time of “To The Manor Born,” to a time whereby the clients were waited on hand and foot; therapeutic in an organic way, yet homely and comfortable in its demeanour. No need to dress up to get your hair done for no matter how you look or what you wear, you are the main attraction for the duration of your appointment.

Barnett & Figgs

Barnett & Figgs – The proprietors Jonathon and Angie

The member of the staff take no calls and definitely Barnett & Figgs do not have several clients booked in during the same time, as it is the case in many city salons. The pair prides the whole concept on good old-fashioned values. They have listened to their clients over the years and spent months consolidating all the feedback they received before opening up their new venture. As Jonathon explains:

This is a place where the customer can relax and enjoy the experience of having their hair done without the loud blaring music offered in many a city salon.

Barnett & Figgs pride themselves on the fact that all their products are British made and 90% organic from companies that have not sold-out to be easily available on the High Street. All the colouring products are sourced from the British company Merlin, whom Jonathon has worked with very closely for many years.

An Appointment

From the moment you leave the bustling noisy city streets, you know you have arrived. Once you reach the top of the stairs, your first glimpse is of the cosy wallpapered walls, the comfy leather sofas and your stylist waiting to greet you upon your arrival to take your coat, bags, etc. Then, the journey begins; you are guided to your seat whereby your requests for your appointment are discussed, a drink is prepared for you, either fresh coffee in a cafetiere or fresh tea in a teapot along with gorgeous organic biscuits.

Barnett & Figgs

Barnett & Figgs – Ladies Powder Room

From that point on it is like you have journeyed back in time and your maid is tending to your every need. You receive constant attention, drink refills, magazines should you require them whilst at the same time you are lulled into a feeling of absolute relaxation. It is so hard to imagine that with all this fussing and with you, the unadulterated centre of attention, you feel so relaxed and surreal. All that is missing is the log fire; show me to my room is what your heart and mind scream. Then, as if out of a dream, you are brought back to reality by your stylist advising you that your hair style has now been completed and unfortunately it is time to leave. You venture into the hustle and bustle of the city streets as if you have have been thrown out of a time wrap.

Angie comments on the unique experience they provide for their clients:

Fresh coffee in cafetieres, tea in pots, add to the experience; whilst some clients like to just sit for a while afterwards on the sofa with their coffee and gaze out of the window not wanting the experience to end.

Barnett & Figgs

Barnett & Figgs client seating

Barnett & Figgs is offering an exclusive discount voucher, £10.00 off (ladies only), to our FG readers. Book your appointment with Stylists Becky or Leah and use the promo code FG0115 valid until the end February 2015.

Courtesy of: Angie and Jonathon | Barnett & Figgs.
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