Barbara Abaterusso Design - Low-Rise Varnished Furniture
Italian Architect and Designer, Barbara Abaterusso walks us through her refining techniques in metal production: unique pieces of art that represent a great attraction to collectors and admirers from all over the world.
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Barbara Abaterusso, born in Salento, but Roman by adoption, is an architect and designer famous for her unique intuition and eclectic verve, combined with an innovative, decorative and aesthetic code, who revives the ancient crochet textile art through exclusive furniture and decorative items. After years of research, the Roman designer has developed new refining techniques in metal production – iron and bronze – creating furnishings like tables, panels and lamps — unique pieces of art of great attraction to collectors and admirers from all over the word. Barbara Abaterusso has also designed a luxurious jewellery collection in bronze that includes bracelets, earrings, brooches, pendants and even crows.

Barbara Abaterusso Design
Barbara Abaterusso Design

Barbara’s inspiration comes from her family’s tradition and heritage. As a little girl, her greatest desire was to follow the footsteps of her grandparents into the world of fabrics and tailoring. The memories of the female members of her family clustered with friends and neighbours dedicated to embroidery, crochet and needlecraft are her main source of inspiration. As Barbara beautifully expressed,

“Remembering is one of the mental processes readable in my work, so constructing memories is itself the central theme of my work. Reliving my personal story I realised how important and essential it is to start from oneself, transforming one’s very own experiences in creativity accessible to others. By constantly applying myself through careful study and experimentation, I believe I have earned the privilege of working in the realm of authentic beauty, not the obvious and stereotypical beauty, but an aesthetic language that speaks about me, my childhood places and my family … the weaving of time; our lifetime, which for me is represented by lace, the starting point of my life story.”

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to interview this talented artist.

Barbara Abaterusso Design - Varnished Wood Furniture
Barbara Abaterusso Design – Varnished Wood Furniture
Barbara Abaterusso Design - Small Tables
Barbara Abaterusso Design – Small Tables


Tell me about yourself and your current projects?

I love my work… It carries me away, diving into a fascinating journey around the world of beauty. Currently, I am working on the decoration for an important hotel in London.

What has inspired your works?

My work is inspired by the rich Italian women’s artisan heritage. All my creations are authentic pieces of art, rigorously handmade. Custom made by the most skilled Italian artisans. I am also supported by a deep knowledge of materials: lacquered wood, rust, embroidered metal, bronze and wood burning. The real difficulty lies in reconciling these opposing elements in order to achieve a perfect dualism. Simultaneously unparalleled and luxurious. In accordance with their time and characteristics – different for each one. This is the aspect of my work that I like the most.

The “Made in Italy” is synonymous of excellence and high-quality. What are the ingredients that position your artworks among the best Italian hand made brands?

There are many features that constitute “Made in Italy”: the talent to draw on their own history and roofs as well as the ability to re-elaborate all their traditions in an innovative and modern language. Italian people stand out in the world for genius, artistic flair and attention to detail.

Interior designer, architect and jewellery designer. What are your future plans?

My next goal is to examine in depth all these sectors to achieve the top – level of refinement, trying to get better every time.

 A “motto” that best describes you?

I do not follow fashion trends ever. I only want to feel good about myself.

We look forward to the next level of refinement Barbara Abaterusso is ready to embrace in her already pristine work. We love Barbara’s creations and above all, we love “Made in Italy”.

Barbara Abaterusso Design - Low-Rise Varnished Furniture
Barbara Abaterusso Design – Low-Rise Varnished Furniture