Tiffany Le

DNA Portrait Sculptures Premiered at Davos

Two DNA sculptures were exhibited at the World Economic Forum at DAVOS. If you think you’ve seen it all, think again, as Dewey-Hagborg’s 3D-printed, DNA portrait models of Chelsea Manning will blow your mind!

North Fork Apparel: A Cashmere Christmas

Wrap up in cashmere this Christmas. North Fork Apparel’s accessories provide versatility, functionality and keep us warm, cosy and effortlessly stylish all winter long!

Paper-Cut-Project: the art of making

Scissors, glue and paper! Ready for the Paper-Cut-Project? In theory yes but the transformation of simple sheets of paper that you’re about to see is beyond any snip snip you’ve seen before!

How to make an award-winning film using a smartphone

Dreaming to become the director of an award-wining film? Get your smartphone and get down to work! Feel inspired? We help you get started with this 8-step guide.

Uniquely Handcrafted 27Jewelry

Recycled precious metals are the cornerstone for the luxury handmade pieces at 27Jewelry from Prague by Lenka Svachova.