Shire Lyon

A Pampered Holiday

Let’s discover some exclusive Christmas meals at three top restaurants in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. Destinations where their menus are only a small part of the unforgettable experiences they propose!

Dining Etiquette for Executives

Whether you are an entry-level worker or a top manager, the essentials of business etiquette are paramount in your professional career. Experts tell us how to build businesses and social relationships through dining etiquette.

Baby Boomers Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are

Baby Boomers are the top spenders in restaurants, but they are also demanding clientele with specific dietary needs. Lets take a closer look at their eating habits, which drives much of the restaurant market.

For Restaurants Eco-friendly Means Sensible

Is it possible to have an eco-friendly restaurant that supports sustainability? Yes, it is! We take a closer look at these ‘green’ restaurants through The Sustainable Restaurant Association and the Green Restaurant Association.

Ration Book Eating, A Look into the Wartime Diet

We present a case study researching the ration book recipes, food lists, and restaurant restrictions of WW2. While it is a time that most attempt not to recall, the diets and recipes of those times are not forgotten. Let’s investigate!