Shire Lyon

Craft Beer Distinctly American

Hmmm, Beeeer! Craft beer continues to grow in popularity and with over 3,000 breweries making the stuff in the US new festivals are cropping up all the time. Fancy a pint?

Booming Business Asian Fast Food

While Asian food is the quickest growing fast food in Western culture, it is largely Westernised to fit the non-Asian palate. Is there an idealisation of Asian food as a healthier, more high end cuisine?

Barrel-Aged Cocktails, Vintage Or New Trend?

We introduce you to delicious barrel-aged drinks. These “new” drinks are steeped in a rich history going back to approximately the year 900. Mixologists, chefs and managers walk us through the ‘know-how’ of this new old trend.

Ever Heard Of Wine Ice Cream?

Looking for tasty ice cream with a twist? We introduce you to Mercer’s Dairy and their wine ice cream. Join us in this fantastic journey of wine ice cream tasting. Cherry Merlot, chocolate Cabernet or Peach White Zinfandel, anyone?

Gourmet Meals Shipped Right To Your Door

Many of us have made New Year’s Resolutions, but how many of us will keep them? We suggest various options for gourmet health food shipped to your door and put you on track to your healthy diet resolution.