Nicholas Ng

An Evening with Mr. Brooks

Tucked away in what appears to be a makeshift car garage in the middle of a shopping centre, we walk into an unexpected speakeasy known simply as Mr. Brooks. Let’s get familiar with this well dressed gentleman: Mr Brooks!

Can You Walk On Water?

We speak to a special guest who has made “walking on water” a reality. Known for his skills at manipulating everyday objects by translating them into things you would never have imagined, he will definitely surprise you.

Yard time at the Yardbird

A restaurant that dedicates a whole section of their menu to all parts of the chicken? Yes, at the Yardbird even the strictest of food snobs are willing to queue outside in its tiny alleyway, because it’s worth it!

Now, available in 3D

We speak to avant-garde award winning Malaysian designer Melinda Looi about her collaboration with Belgian company Materialise which culminated in the presentation of the First Asian 3D Print Fashion Show.

Here Comes The Sun

Already a loyal customer of Kiehl’s skincare products? Don’t miss the review of these products especially for the masculine market. Great tips for men on the go, yet willing to put in that few minutes to stay fresh!