Mary-Ann McLaughlin

Get To The Point

Who, why and for what reason would anyone want to have needles stuck into their bodies in the name of ‘me-time’? Let’s discover Acupuncture!

Turning Lifestyle into Fashion

Are you a serious flip-flop wearer? Then you must have come across Gandys’ flip flop designs, but you may not know that from each pair of flip-flops sold, money goes towards helping orphans and creating a safe environment for them. Well done to the masterminds of Gandys Flip-Flops.

To The Manor Born in the City

For a woman the ultimate pampering is a new hair do. We introduce you to a countryside pampering salon nestled within the bosom of a bustling city. Barnett & Figgs is the Downton Abbey of hair salons.

The House of Catherine Walker & Co

We take you on a magical journey accompanied by Said Cyrus in a leading British couture house that combines French style and exquisite British tailoring. Discover the perfect look for this festive season!

Executive Vacation

Today’s Executives work harder, spend longer at their desks, have greater responsibilities and high levels of stress. But when it comes to recharge those batteries, they choose jaw-dropping vacation. Let’s have a look!