Jazz Brell

Jazz Brell About the author

An Australian model converted into an aspiring UK entrepreneur inspired by the world of fashion. With a B.A. in Fashion Textiles Design and MSc International Business, she is passionate about the collaboration between both sectors and utilising her skills to benefit the fashion industry.

A day in the sun with Kopper & Zink Swimwear

The ocean is full of surfers and the sand is sprinkled with baking bodies, Miami Beach? Nope, Bondi Beach! Join us on a photoshoot for the upcoming Australian swimwear label: Kopper & Zink!

Above and Abroad

Looking for a colour palette encompassing metallic copper, stone, black and silvers? Look no further as the Inverno collection, signed UMA® Raquel Davidowicz, brings you the best of Made-in-Brazil.

Hifas da Terra: when fashion and science collide

When innovation, sustainability, ecology and mycology knock on the fashion doors, we get Hifas da Terra, a biotech company communicating the benefits from mushrooms in great style!