Erica Ng

The Nostalgia of Haute Couture

Clair Watson and Claire Shaeffer, experts on vintage haute couture and designer fashion, help us understand why haute couture is so special and takes people back to a period where quality and patience were virtues.

Kora Vanderlip: The Budding Filmmaker

Meet Kora Vanderlip, a budding filmmaker awarded and nominated for several prizes. Her films, which focus on the setting’s atmosphere and the character’s emotion, have been screened at festivals around the world. Discover her work!

Alice Ko: The Art of the Cheongsam

We discover how the Cheongsam has been revolutionised and modernised maintaining its aesthetics as a traditional Chinese gown to embrace femininity and sophistication through the designs of Alice Ko.

The Battle of Fashion Bloggers & Editors

Undoubtedly bloggers are the new prominent members of the fashion world. Now we pause for a minute and ask ourselves: Have bloggers become more influential than fashion magazine editors?

Charlotte Hosten – Mixture of Textiles & Jewels

Discover the bespoke sculpture-like bracelets, necklaces and accessories of Charlotte Hosten, a jewellery designer that mixes art, design and experimental qualities.