Erica Ng

Sibling Fashion Design Duos

While time spent with sibling could be great, sometimes it is a wonder that they can cultivate their vision together when you consider their differences. We share with you a snapshot of some of the most successful sibling design duos that will inspire you.

Barre Beautiful: Aerobics with Elegance

It is time to emphasise posture and endurance through elegant and graceful movements. We bring you great tips from Barre Beautiful, Toronto’s Premier Ballet Barre Studio.

mon K patisserie: French Pastries With Japanese Flair

There is no better way to get into the holiday spirit than with sweets and baking goods. Mon K patisserie celebrates this month with treats raging from green tea flavour éclairs to passion fruit macaroons. Yummi!

Josephine Lalwan: The Quintessential Fashion Blogger

Discover Josephine Lalwan. Not only is she classy and intelligent, but she has embraced ageing without hesitation and is as stylish as she can be. Her blog, Chic at Any Age has become a household name among older women.

My Encounter with the Eco-Friendly

The eco-friendly industry has grown considerably over the past few years. We take a look at a few stylish brands that through their sustainable practices are benefiting their communities and the consumers’ health.