Emma De Angelis

The Business of London Theatres

Whether it is the glittering lights of the West End or the small, twenty-seat mini theatre, it is crucial the contribution the theatre industry makes to the local economy, as well as its vibrant cultural life. Let’s have a closer look!

From Human to Cyborg?

Do you think it is possible to “hear colour”? We look into the amazing story of Neil Harbisson and his robotic implant, the ‘eyeborg’, learning the beauty of technology and humanity’s sensory experience.

Far from the cheerful crowds

White and sparkly…but not only! For those who want a break from the feel-good factor, we swap the tinsel and glitter for horror and fright, and look at two new plays that will leave you low on the cheer and high on the fear!

Handbagged – Two Women’s Power Play

Have you ever wondered about the inner workings of the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher? If you have, then you can’t miss Moira Buffini’s latest play, Handbagged, currently in London!

The Discovery of Latin American Theatre

This month London will host CASA 2013, celebrating theatre made in Latin America. We speak to Daniel Goldman, artistic director, who created the festival in 2007 to fill a gap and bridge two thriving theatre cultures.