Emma De Angelis

Emma De Angelis About the author

A historian by training and editor by profession, reviews the glittering lights of the West End, unsuspected ballet classes in shabby Whitechapel and edgy shows in disused railway tunnels. With a PhD from LSE, she lives and breathes the London stage.

Kaleidoscope of Desire

Meet the Arbonauts! A multidisciplinary, site based performance company explores the urges of Desire when they come to the Brunel Tunnel Shaft in London from 14th to 15th July.

New Concepts of Beauty

We talk to Rino Stefano Tagliafierro, an experimental animator and director who has recently presented an ingenious re-interpretation of some masterpieces of classical art transporting us to the future of art. A must see!

Enter the Youngsters

We look into the work of the Unicorn Theatre that has taken up the challenge of making high-quality productions bringing children and teenagers to the centre of the creative and production process. Bravo!

A Night in Macbeth’s Castle

We meet Felix Mortimer during week two of rehearsals for Macbeth, the new production that RIFT is bringing to a secret location in East London this summer. A new and exciting version of Macbeth that you can’t miss!

Sunny Afternoon – The Play

This review is all about theatre, music and the 1960s. We bring you the sold out show: Sunny Afternoon, the number one hit that rocked the world in the 60s. A play that explores the rise to stardom of the legendary “The Kinks”.