Dino Pozzato

Eataly: a simple recipe

Are you in search of the best food and drink as well as the best environment in which to discover and expand your tastes? We introduce you to Eataly, the fresh market-come-restaurant concept and its impressive array of courses.

Ladies in Charge

We review some influential ladies in the catering industry who in a few years changed what we eat, the way we eat and how we eat it. Truly inspiring women who are ruling the restaurant scene!

Behind the (Kitchen) Curtains

Have you ever asked yourself how a Chef’s kitchen is run? Most of the times it is a well-oiled machine that runs smoothly, but sometimes things go very, very wrong or simply take a turn for the unexpected.

5 Things You Can’t Cook Without – Or Can You?

There is a geeky side to every aspect of life, and cooking is not spared. From the cookbook, the perfect palette of colour and shapes for your plates, the high tech appliances, exotic ingredients and the real chef tools you need!

Mechanical Obsession

Watch collecting is very much a male-specific obsession, centred on exquisite mechanics, vanity and the chance of an excellent investment. Learn what separates compulsive buyers from star collectors.