Dino Pozzato

Dino Pozzato About the author

Having a very reputable but conversation killing day job, he has spent the last ten years scouting for and reviewing restaurants, food and recipes. A watch and car collector, he enjoys the finer things in life and shares his tastes with us.

A Quest for Savoury

Nowadays salt is, by weight, the cheapest ingredient you can buy at your local supermarket, but did you know that salt was a commodity worth a fortune? How much do you really know about salt? Time to test your knowledge!

King of Senses

Nothing envelopes the senses more than the art of cooking as it all starts with the king of senses: the taste. We talk to the Damini brothers from Damini&Affini who tell us: ‘What really carries guests along is taste.’

A “Carnavale” Food Parade

Wherever you are partying Carnival this year, be prepared for an overwhelming celebration, not only with all night music and masquerade balls, but with some serious munching too.

Be or not to be a Restaurateur

Do you cook extremely well? Do you have a passion for food and a solid crowd that cheers your dishes? Are you really thinking to open your own restaurant? Hold on, it is time for a hard reality check!

Virtual Entries of the 2064 Michelin Guide

Submerge yourself into a fictional review of the top Michelin restaurants in the year: 2064. With a mix of culinary trend, geopolitics and social satire, we transport you in a time capsule to top-rated restaurants of the future.