Chiani Lin

Chiani Lin About the author

An aspiring and fresh trend forecaster from Asia, with multiple master degrees related to fashion in Italy, UK and Taiwan as well as 12 years of working experience in the fashion industry. Currently working for an international sourcing company, Chiani is passionate about all things creative from different cultures.

Chinese Cuisine: Taste the Rainbow

Who said Chinese cuisine couldn’t stimulate your senses and imagination? Green, orange, yellow, red, beige and even black dumplings and colourful soymilk drinks are colouring the palates of Chinese food lovers.

What is your Idea of Oriental Culture?

It seems that Asians are eliminating the attitude of “worship to the West”. Through the eyes of deputy editor-in-chief Chiaoling Lin, we discover the mysterious relationship between Asians and fashion.

How to become a good DJ

Thinking of a career path as a DJ? We sit down with a few DJs in Italy who share their passion, knowledge and great tips for those who are ready to mix to the next level!

A Gourmet Feast full of Visual and Tasty Sensations

Is costumised cuisine an emerging luxury trend? Try the Yellow Lemon’s artistic molecular cuisine inspired by music, art and rhythm!

Drink it and wear it!

A cup of coffee can be turned into a T-shirt? With 7 patents, 14 awards and usage by 45 international fashion brands, S.Café® fabrics are taking the world one bean at a time.