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A journalism student in Toronto whose passions include writing, theatre, literature and film. You can read more of her work on, ANDPOP,, and

Around the World in Green Ways: Spain

One can have an environmentally friendly routine in a familiar space, but staying ‘green’ when on a trip can be tricky. Don’t miss this ‘green’ guideline when picking a vacation destination.

90’s Nostalgia Through Internet Lens

Were you and are you still a 90’s Kid? As Generation Z remind us, it seems as though the 90’s are more relevant than ever. Let’s have a closer look at this not so distant decade filled of nostalgia that has stuck!

The Strong, Driven and Intelligent

We bring you a curated selection of young adult literature that features strong characters and relevant themes of self-discovery and self-acceptance. We all can relate with these young protagonists!