Aimee Williams

Aimee Williams About the author

Aimee Williams is a New York City–based fashion writer and instructor. She holds a M.A. in Fashion Studies from Parsons School of Design, and is especially interested in the role of language in fashion.

Athleisure: Hybrid Wear for Hybrid Times

Athleisure – a hybrid name for a crossbreed of clothes to be worn from the barre to the bar! Muse with us as we trace the rise of athleisure, a manifestation of late 20th century workout culture that has merged fashion and fitness shifting the way we wear clothing!

Ballet and Fashion: A Love Affair

Ballet and fashion exist in continuous dialogue, largely because they share a common reference point: the body. Let us walk you though the significant exchanges between ballet and fashion, from collaborations to inspirations, reflecting particularly a cultural veneration of the ballerina body and an emphasis to the share values of aestheticism, art, grace and strength.