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Alessandra Frega About the author

Lawyer, blogger and aesthete, brings hidden gems and established brands from Italian fashion. With a degree in Law and a Master’s in Diplomatic Studies, her fun loving alter ego has a passion for fashion.

Andrea Stajan-Ferkul and her quest for beauty

Dressing up your paintings? Why not, especially when done to enhance women beauty. We all know that beauty empowers a woman; it radiates confidence and brings out the best in her!

Content Marketing: Strategies and Tools

Why does your business need a Content Marketing Strategy? And how do you create the best one for your company? We have put together 8 great ways to improve your content marketing strategy making quality content key to your business success.

OAS1S: the no. 1 Green Architecture

Treescrapers and tree house are the next step in sustainable housing. Looking for an alternative in your city? Meet with Raimond de Hullu, founder of OAS1S and plan your next habitat!

How charitable are you during the festive season?

How charitable are you during the festive season? Let’s take a closer look at the charity work and a photography exhibition in support of Rwanda kids. Cheer for a good cause!

Filobio: nature inside

We introduce you to Filobio, a snuggly baby brand that uses natural fibres such as merino, cashmere wools and 100% organic cotton. Because the soft skin of our little ones matter!