Alessandra Lolli

SI-V: Style, Sense and Sensibility

We bring you a sneak peek of ‘Destiny’, the first shoes & bags collection from the brand SI-V, designed by Sivan Shraga. This collection features vintage styles but very contemporary and up-to-date lines and details.

Zaha Hadid: the great architect

When we think of the biggest architectural projects of the last 20 years, we think of Zaha Hadid’s works. Awarded the Pritzker Prize, Zaha is constantly pushing the boundaries of modern architecture. We look closer at her work.

Video Sound Art Festival

Discover new technologies in the art field featuring magnificent data collection and live performances, motion graphics, audio and video installations!

Umbria’s Summer Festivals

Are you up to a summer night listening to good music, drinking excellent wine in a beautiful Italian town? Follow us to the Umbria Jazz Festival while we enjoy Umbria’s food, wine, art, culture and architecture!

Stella McCartney: Fashion And Sustainability

One of the first big designers in the fashion business to start having a sustainable attitude, Stella McCartney introduces us to her ‘green world’ from the production to the collections – a constant effort to improve!