History of Sneakers

The History of Sneakers

The History of Sneakers: From Commodity to Cultural Icon. To understand how the sneaker has emerged to become a footwear phenomenon, it is important to trace its legacy from function to commercial and fashionable objects of desire.

Styland: Closing The Confidence Gap With A Suit

Are you searching for a powerful look that expresses your own personality? Look no further as Styland’s latest collection for women is here to boost your confidence with their fantastic designs inspired by the timeless features of the finest gentlemen’s business attire.

Ramen Noodle

Ramen Noodles

Once synonymous with struggling students, ramen noodles have received a high-class makeover. London, NYC and SF are just a few of the many places this trend is catching on in. Is it on its way to become the new sushi?

mon K patisserie

Mon K Patisserie: French Pastries With Japanese Flair

Mon K patisserie has changed the way desserts can be made with an unconventional blend of French and Japanese flavours. They simply possess the perfect blend of sweetness and flavour. An exclusive interview with the owners: Ryosuke and Naomi Kita.


Gourmet Meals Shipped Right To Your Door

Many of us have made New Year’s Resolutions, but how many of us will keep them? We suggest various options for gourmet health food shipped to your door and put you on track to your healthy diet resolution.

Neil Harbisson Portrait

Neil Harbisson: The First Human Cyborg

Do you think it is possible to “hear colour”? We look into the amazing story of Neil Harbisson and his robotic implant, the ‘eyeborg’, learning the beauty of technology and humanity’s sensory experience.