The Excellence of Asian Craftsmanship

How do our culture and tradition influence the way we dress? This time around, the inspiration comes from the East, particularly from China and Japan. The excellence of Asian craftsmanship!

Viet Ha Tran: Photographing Dreams

Viet Ha Tran, a fine art photographer best known for her poetic photographs of timeless women takes us on a journey where reality plays hide and seek with fantasy!

mon K patisserie

Mon K Patisserie: French Pastries With Japanese Flair

Mon K patisserie has changed the way desserts can be made with an unconventional blend of French and Japanese flavours. They simply possess the perfect blend of sweetness and flavour. An exclusive interview with the owners: Ryosuke and Naomi Kita.

Evolution of Fashion Journalism

The Evolution of Fashion Journalism from Print to Digital

People have been wearing clothes for centuries, but when did the idea of fashion begin? More importantly, how did fashion writing start? We walk you through the creation of fashion plates and fashion periodicals from the early 1800s to glossy fashion magazines, blogs and vlogs. A must-read for fashion journalists!

Fashion Blogs

The Phenomenon of ‘Fashion Bloggers’

Blog, blogging, bloggers? Everyone has a blog, it doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity or if you just dream about being one! We walk you through this still-growing trend and look into the new frontier of video blogging.

The Responsibility Manifesto

The Responsibility Manifesto in Fashion

Innovative business models are reshaping the fashion & luxury industry. We propose an initial guide for entrepreneurs willing to change direction with their businesses for a sustainable competitive advantage.