Peruvian virgin hair

Peruvian Virgin Hair

Have you heard of the ever-so-popular Peruvian virgin hair? Whether you already own a set of hair extensions or would like to buy your very first pair of those luscious locks of Peruvian virgin hair, we give you a few ideas you can’t miss this summer.

Chez Dior Café

The love for England and passion for the British elegance that Monsieur Dior had is marvellously exemplified in the animated windows of Harrods which present a range of Dior creations, designs and accessories displayed with a British twist to give life to a fascinating experience of fashion, elegance and taste through a pop-up store, the “So Dior” exhibition and the Dior Café.

Lia Larrea

Pull off an Edgy Look at the Office

The edgy-office look is having a major fashion moment and we are delighted to help you find the right designs to confidently pull off that trend by introducing you to San Francisco-based designer Lia Larrea. Let’s get started!

Royal Academy Of Arts: Summer Exhibition 2013

Pin down in your artistic calendar world’s largest open-submission exhibition. With 1,000 works on display, this is the perfect platform where anyone can buy the works by international acclaimed and emerging talents!

Big Appetites

5 Ways to Shoot Better Fine Art Photography

Regardless of your expertise or experience in photography, you can never have too many tips. So, if you are interested in honing your fine art photography skills, this Cheat Sheet will give you a leg up on the competition.

Evolution of Fashion Journalism

The Evolution of Fashion Journalism from Print to Digital

People have been wearing clothes for centuries, but when did the idea of fashion begin? More importantly, how did fashion writing start? We walk you through the creation of fashion plates and fashion periodicals from the early 1800s to glossy fashion magazines, blogs and vlogs. A must-read for fashion journalists!

As Brave As A Lion – Amadeus Leopold

Imagine Lady Gaga in the classical music world. A gifted violinist delivering shocking performances and beautiful melodies. We introduce you to the Juilliard-educated violinist, Amadeus Leopold!