The Excellence of Asian Craftsmanship

How do our culture and tradition influence the way we dress? This time around, the inspiration comes from the East, particularly from China and Japan. The excellence of Asian craftsmanship!

Football’s Promotion of Unhealthy Consumption

The Euros are here – Europe’s festival of football, featuring some of the best players on the planet in peak physical condition. Yet alongside this spectacle runs a carnival of corporate advertising – often marketing unhealthy products such as alcohol, junk food and gambling apps.

How is it that a showcase for health and fitness became so saturated with unhealthy messages?

Fashion Retailers Must Move Faster on Sustainability

For years, traditional retailers and “fast fashion” companies have moved too slowly on making their production more sustainable. Etsy’s acquisition of Depop shows that shoppers, led by an eco-conscious Generation Z, are taking things into their own hands, and it has commercial appeal.

Technology Help Fashion

Can Technology Help Fashion Clean Up Its Act?

Fast fashion is the second most wasteful industry in the world, behind the oil industry. Fashion designers are starting to utilise technology to create new, environmentally conscious clothing. Are we on the verge of a green fashion revolution?

Sarah Kay

Book Review No Matter The Wreckage by Sarah Kay

After a long awaited compilation of 10 years, Sarah Kay finally publishes her collection of poems which can only be described as brutally raw, naked, and hopeful. A fine collection that will make you wish there was a volume 2.

Royal Academy Of Arts: Summer Exhibition 2013

Pin down in your artistic calendar world’s largest open-submission exhibition. With 1,000 works on display, this is the perfect platform where anyone can buy the works by international acclaimed and emerging talents!

Mode Marteau: Success Story of a Vintage Reseller

We talk to Ariana Boussard-Reifel, an expert at spotting well-made clothing driven by her hobby of thrifting and flipping who built a proper business reselling clothing, the unique style website: Mode Marteau.