Eco Luxury Fashion - Gucci for the green carpet challenge handbag collection

Eco-consciousness in Luxury Fashion

Eco-conscious alternatives when considering fashion choices seems to be the latest trend. But, are people really emotionally invested in sustainable options or are we just looking for the best deal financially?

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Oriana Fallaci by Cristina De Stefano

We have a talk with Cristina De Stefano, an Italian journalist, a literary scout, writer and the author of the first authorised Oriana Fallaci’s biography, the most iconic Italian author, journalist and political interviewer ever.

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Interview Yuchi Tian

An Interview with Film Director Yuchi Tian

Film Director Yuchi Tian strives to combine the visual poetry of cinematic images with the dramatic and intimate poetry of human relationships, to create work that is visually stunning while remaining entirely reflective of both the beauty and tragedy of human experience.

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