five types of-timeless jewelry

Five Types Of Timeless Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

The jewelry arsenal of a woman can sometimes be filled to the brim but without anything substantial to be found in the whole pile. That is where timeless jewelry saves the day. When it comes to it, the statement “less is more” applies the most.

ethical fashion forum

Sustainable Fashion: From Niche to Necessity

Have you questioned the current fashion industry practices and what this means for our future generations? Sustainable fashion and ethical business models are moving from a niche to a necessity.

Giuseppe La Spada: The Vision Of A Digital Artist

He is an Italian digital artist. One of the most famous in the world who won the Webby Award for his magnificent work. We talked to Giuseppe La Spada and discover the techniques, inspiration and vision of a real artist.

History of Sneakers

The History of Sneakers

The History of Sneakers: From Commodity to Cultural Icon. To understand how the sneaker has emerged to become a footwear phenomenon, it is important to trace its legacy from function to commercial and fashionable objects of desire.

Styland: Closing The Confidence Gap With A Suit

Are you searching for a powerful look that expresses your own personality? Look no further as Styland’s latest collection for women is here to boost your confidence with their fantastic designs inspired by the timeless features of the finest gentlemen’s business attire.

Taunina - New & Lingwood Bears Lifestyle

Taunina: The Art of Giving

We discover a ‘must have’ for this season featuring exquisite embroidery and luxury fabrics. Meticulously made by artists in Cape Town, this project aims to empower women helping them to become “lions of their own destinies”.

Zaha Hadid Architects - Riverside Museum in Glasgow

Zaha Hadid: The Great Architect

When we think of the biggest architectural projects of the last 20 years, we think of Zaha Hadid’s works. Awarded the Pritzker Prize, Zaha is constantly pushing the boundaries of modern architecture. We look closer at her work.

The Inspiring Life of Coco Chanel

Test your knowledge! How much do you really know about the life of one of the most iconic figures and designers from the 20th century? Check out this infographic which walks you through Coco Chanel’s most remarkable achievements.