Oriana Fallaci by Cristina De Stefano

We have a talk with Cristina De Stefano, an Italian journalist, a literary scout, writer and the author of the first authorised Oriana Fallaci’s biography, the most iconic Italian author, journalist and political interviewer ever.

Asian Digital Art

Digital Drawing: Painting A Digital Portrait

While hopping around Google, we stumbled across a wonderful artist from China, who has created some of the most captivating digital drawings we have ever seen. We are proud to exhibit this little known talent on the FG.

Viet Ha Tran: Photographing Dreams

Viet Ha Tran, a fine art photographer best known for her poetic photographs of timeless women takes us on a journey where reality plays hide and seek with fantasy!

Sydney Brown

Eco-Footwear: A Holiday Must-Have Essential

We are excited to get an intimate look at the Sydney Brown’s luxurious eco-footwear label. Get all the insights on why you should add a pair to your holiday wish list. Eco-fashion couldn’t be more glamorous!

Chez Dior Café

The love for England and passion for the British elegance that Monsieur Dior had is marvellously exemplified in the animated windows of Harrods which present a range of Dior creations, designs and accessories displayed with a British twist to give life to a fascinating experience of fashion, elegance and taste through a pop-up store, the “So Dior” exhibition and the Dior Café.

Vintage Haute Couture

The Nostalgia of Vintage Haute Couture

Clair Watson and Claire Shaeffer, experts on vintage haute couture and designer fashion, help us understand why haute couture is so special and takes people back to a period where quality and patience were virtues.