Chinoiserie – Eastern or Western?

Explore Chinoiserie: a decorative style in art, furniture and architecture with origins that can be traced back to Marco Polo yet with a timeless elegance that persists to the present day. Discover centuries of design with us!

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upcycling design initiative

A Fashionable Way to Tackle Climate Change

Hands up for the historic agreement reached at the Climate Conference in Paris where recycling is finally on the agenda. In light of this, the upcycling design initiative “auferstanden” is paving the way to contribute to achieving the climate targets in a fashionable way.

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Eco Luxury Fashion - Gucci for the green carpet challenge handbag collection

Eco-consciousness in Luxury Fashion

Eco-conscious alternatives when considering fashion choices seems to be the latest trend. But, are people really emotionally invested in sustainable options or are we just looking for the best deal financially?

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