Holstad and Co

Holstad and Co: Statement Jewellery With Sparkle

Whilst working with your sibling may present its fair share of drama, in the fashion world, two is certainly a company. And Holstad and Co couldn’t reflect better the collaboration of its creators who have put together a fabulous jewellery collection!

Gourmet Raw Food with Vito Cortese

Meet one of the most influential Italian chefs that are making “rawism” popular throughout Italy and Europe and discover all the benefits of including raw food in your daily diet while keeping style and the aesthetic on your dishes!

Erika Lemay

Erika Lemay: Starting At The End

Erika Lemay walks you through her forty-eight-hour race against time before the Physical Poetry gala show! This high emotion moment took two days to stage, surrounded by a team of professionals working around the clock for a stunning performance.


OAS1S: The Number One Green Architecture

Treescrapers and tree house are the next step in sustainable housing. Looking for an alternative in your city? Meet with Raimond de Hullu, founder of OAS1S and plan your next habitat!