Vibrant concert scene at the stadium in Coimbra as Coldplay performs, captivating the audience with their music and mesmerizing lighting effects.

Coldplay into Coimbra’s Heart

In an unprecedented display of cultural fusion and musical grandeur, the city of Coimbra became the backdrop to a historic series of concerts by the internationally celebrated British band, Coldplay, in May 2023.

Burberry Made in Britain

Is Burberry Still a ‘Made in Britain’ Brand?

Carrying royal warrants from both Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, the fashion houses outwear, specifically their trench coats, can be spotted on almost every member of the royal family. As fashion houses move their production abroad to cut costs, we must ask whether Burberry is still a ‘Made in Britain’ brand?


Yuki-tsumugi: The Art of the Silk Kimono

We explore the craftsmanship of a precious silk, Yuki Tsumugi made in Japan. Spinning silk floss, making tangles before yarn dyeing to produce patterns and weaving on a loom back strap – your final product? A Yuki Tsumugi Kimono!

Organic Beauty Products

Hot Trend of Organic Beauty Products

Eco-friendly products are booming across California, we have scoured the state for our favourites and are meeting the organic beauty brand Deep Roots and retailer Credo Beauty.

Asian Digital Art

Digital Drawing: Painting A Digital Portrait

While hopping around Google, we stumbled across a wonderful artist from China, who has created some of the most captivating digital drawings we have ever seen. We are proud to exhibit this little known talent on the FG.


PRITINYC: The Organic Nail Brand

Discover Kim D’Amato’s nail polish brand, Priti NYC. These are great non-toxic, vegan varnishes in a range of eye-popping colours, perfect for women in search of shades from the catwalks!

Terre Dei Papi

Terre Dei Papi: Donkey’s Milk Cosmetics

Are you in search of a truly noble experience? We introduce you to Terra dei Papi Line. Luxurious beauty treatments based on the extraordinary power of 100% Italian organic Donkey’s Milk. You have to try them!