Ballet and Fashion

Ballet and Fashion: A Love Affair

Ballet and fashion exist in continuous dialogue, largely because they share a common reference point: the body. Let us walk you though the significant exchanges between ballet and fashion, from collaborations to inspirations, reflecting particularly a cultural veneration of the ballerina body and an emphasis to the share values of aestheticism, art, grace and strength.

National Gardens Sheme

Garden Flowers: It’s more than just Flowers

Dreaming of year-round colour in your garden? Roses bloom only in summer and violets in spring but don’t worry we have a solution for every season, from the first design to successive replanting!

gender neutral fashion

Gender Neutral Fashion: Sci-Fi Or Reality?

The concepts of masculinity and femininity no longer define the clothing that people wear. Both men and women are choosing to define themselves on their own terms rather than bound to a specific idea, culture or class. So, let’s take a closer look to a generation that is redefining itself. Will the future be extreme?

Descience – Behind the Scenes

This time around, we bring you Descience from behind the scenes. Its Science and Fashion Directors tell us about their collaboration and how it has helped them to design a highly flexible process for the Descience teams.

Sari Dress

The Timeless Appeal of the Classic Indian Sari

How much do you really know about the timeless appeal of the classic Indian Sari? We bring a comprehensive piece that looks retrospectively at the evolution of this garment, its tradition, its designs and its domination in the fashion scene!

Evolution of Fashion Journalism

The Evolution of Fashion Journalism from Print to Digital

People have been wearing clothes for centuries, but when did the idea of fashion begin? More importantly, how did fashion writing start? We walk you through the creation of fashion plates and fashion periodicals from the early 1800s to glossy fashion magazines, blogs and vlogs. A must-read for fashion journalists!

Helen Mirren Plays Elizabeth II in “The Audience”

Go back in time through the different styles of a fashion icon, Queen Elizabeth II, while meeting each of her 12 Prime Ministers in a weekly audience at Buckingham Palace. A fantastic play presenting Helen Mirren in “The Audience”.